Ancient Gold and Goblins

Another game night at Cape Cod Wargaming, another Nightwatch mission. This time our Hunters explored ancient ruins deep in the Setet Forest pursuing rumors of a goblin tribe’s treasure horde.

(*Pro Tip: If you want to draw out an elusive quarry, threaten something they value.)

Hunting party comprised of one member from each Guild backed by four D8 Hirelings, two archers and two sell swords. Hunters at Adept level. Four treasure caches in a 4 x 6 mission area. 8 Turn limit. Modified Minion spawning with D8, D8, and D10 coming in successive waves.

Hunters and Hirelings advance on the first cache before the first wave of Goblins swarms out of the nearby portals. (We decided the collective term for a bunch of goblins is ‘headache’. A larger mob is a ‘migraine’)

Although the VLB (vicious little buggers) are swiftly dispatched, Other Pat’s Alchemist can’t make his action die rolls to take the first objective. Bro, you’re standing right there… So Mike’s Mancer comes to assist. One objective down.

That accomplished, the party splits up to approach two more treasure caches; one in the Unknown Goddess’s grotto, and the second atop a nearby hill. More minions appear.

The Mancer makes the hired help earn their pay while he attempts to use Arcane Evasion to pop in and claim objective 2. No good. All those goblins boiling out of the portal must have made him nervous. Still, this headache of gobbos goes down with the help of the Alchemist and a well-placed grenado.

Once again, the Alchemist rolls well for everything except when trying to claim treasure. (a Vow of Poverty, perhaps?) But eventually, the Tracker claims it. Objective 2 down.

The Mancer approaches the grotto’s cache without any fancy-pants magic and quietly takes objective 3 just as the D8 Goblin scuttlers arrive. The Hunters remain safe but things turn nasty for the Hirelings. The archers fall to goblin scimitars and spears.

The final treasure cache is on top of the King’s Peak. The Blade, wearing Heavy Armor, has lumbered to the foot of the rough-hewn steps but ends up failing any further Move rolls.

just a sec… *huff, huff. gotta… catch my breath. *wheeze. gimme a minute… I’ll grab it. No, no, I’m fine.

D10 VLB on the way, Mike’s Mancer moves through the trees around the back of the King’s Peak with a cunning plan. (actually it’s sort of a repeat of his previous, less-than-spectacular attempt in the grotto. But A+ for effort)

Which turns out to be fortuitous, because the D10s arrive.

A series of short, sharp fights break out with good rolls by the dual-ax wielding Hireling in particular. The D10s are killed or held off as the Mancer teleports up to the summit to claim the final treasure cache. Mission accomplished. Well done.


A straightforward Nightwatch mission. It was good to forget about the real world for a couple hours and enjoy friends, rolling dice, and munching snacks. Thanks for looking.

COMING SOON – Bat Rep from a RESISTANCE: EARTH test game. Join the fight to take back our world.

6 thoughts on “Ancient Gold and Goblins

  1. Of all the various gaming media that I have scrolled past while lamenting my current lack of gaming opportunities, it is your Nightwatch games that are really firing me up. Thanks for sharing these, short, punchy AARs!

    My hard copy of the rulebook arrived to supplement my digital copy over Xmas, I’m *still* excited to play it. A buddy has prepped a lot of GW Sylvaneth as adversaries too, with Nightwatch in mind. It will happen, it’s just a matter of when.

    Keep these reports coming if you can, I enjoy them all.

    1. So glad you enjoy them. We’re just ‘out to have fun and look good doing it’ as they say.
      My AARs are short because even tho I try to take notes during the game, I need to recreate various high points the next day when there’s light for photos.
      I forget to mention Alchemist’s wild Glue Bomb toss that gunked the hapless archer on the hill and most likely contributed to his untimely demise.
      I do hope I can see photos of your games whenever it is you can get back together. In the meantime, I’ll keep playing and posting. Plus, I’m particularly excited to run more Resistance:Earth test games. I think it’s shaping up to be a solid little game.
      Thanks again and Take Care.

      1. The most entertaining batreps are judiciously edited highlights, just like these ones.

        Sci-fi has always been my preference over fantasy, although that may not be obvious based on my toy soldier output over the last few years. Based on the title alone, “Resistance: Earth” sounds immediately apt for games using my “Terminator” themed bits and pieces.

  2. Thank you very much for continuing to provide these inspirational AARs. I haven’t got together enough miniatures yet to play so I am living vicariously through your excellent figures, setting and stories. Great stuff!

    1. Thank you. Glad you enjoy them.
      As far as figures go, do you prefer 15mm or 28mm? If 28mm, I’ve found the Game of Thrones/Ice and Fire plastics sold as singles on eBay are a very cool and inexpensive source of fantasy miniatures. FWIW.
      Appreciate you stopping by and commenting. Happy New Year. Take Care.

  3. Nice report. I honestly enjoyed most the action shots. Great set-up and very achievable using the mat etc. Your miniatures are nicely painted, too. They pop even on the gaming table in suboptimal lighting conditions.

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