About S7



Collecting toy soldiers, painting and converting them, scratch building terrain, making wargame rules.

Wargaming is a hobby; an odd, old-fashioned one but very cool nonetheless. Very analog, and surprisingly social for this frenetic, connected-yet-isolated digital age.

"Here buggy, buggy!"
A straight-up bug hunt.


If ‘war toys’ offend you, click back now.

IMO, there are lots of things to get upset about in this world – toy soldiers isn’t one of them. STALKER7 is dedicated to near-future, fantasy, science fiction, (especially post-apocalyptic) wargaming, Battle Reports, Terrain, and Painted Miniatures. As well as occasional original fiction.

Feel free to wander around and comment if you’re interested in table top wargames, RPGs, and related geekery. If you’d like more information about my spec-fiction, please stop by my writing blog: Hot Space Station Justice

Thanks and Enjoy.

2 thoughts on “About S7”

  1. Heya,

    Which ruleset do you use for post-apo wargaming?
    We’re looking for something more “real” than Necromunda so any suggestions would be appresiated.

    Well done on the bloggy!

    1. Thanks much.

      Regarding rules – The guys I’m gaming with these days aren’t ‘gamers’ per se, so we’ve been using my simple ‘Cleared To Engage’ rules. TTG are a new idea for them and it’s challenge enough to get them to remember core mechanics, let alone genre-specific tweaks.

      That said, for more grit, try WreckAge or After The Horsemen. They’re both solid. There’s plenty of other PA-specific sets out there like This is Not a Test or Across a Dead Earth. (Never read, but have only heard good things about those two)

      I don’t think Necromunda’s core rules are bad. Why not strip away the fluff and introduce a STALKER-like setting?

      And speaking of excellent core mechanics, you should really look at Pulp Alley. Very versatile and robust. Flavor to taste and you’re good to go. Check out appropriate threads at Lead Adventure Forum for some excellent mods.

      Take Care

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