I write in my spare, spare time.

Ten titles so far. Military Science Fiction, Cyberpunk, a Celtic Ghost Story, stand-alone Near-Future shorts. And there’s more coming.

Here is the link to my writing blog: Hot Space Station Justice or you can go to my Author’s Page at Amazon.

Thanks for looking. Hope you enjoy.

possible cover2 Option2small SHIFT_TENSE_final_rgb_flatten_6x9inches_with_bleeds

TSRCoverSmall  OBACover12 Zombie6-Book-Cover2

2 thoughts on “FICTION”

  1. I’m really inspired by your stalker games and would like to do one of my own. I’ve ordered your books on Amazon- looking forward to pouring over those. Any chance you might share your rules? Also, where should one go to get LA minis these days- looks like their site has been down for some time. Thanks very much!

    1. Hi. Thanks for weighing in. And double thanks for getting my books. I really hope you enjoy them.
      Glad you like the STALKER games. The STALKER/METRO aesthetic is one of my all-time favorite game worlds and it’s been a genuine challenge and fun to develop a table top game based on that setting. I’m grateful for the opportunity.
      As far as the rules go, because I’m under contract and they’re still in progress, I’m not permitted to share anything just yet. Once it gets closer to the release date, I’m sure I’ll have some free copies on hand for play testers. So remind me as the fateful day approaches.
      As I mentioned on the Zona Alfa FB page, I’ll get back to posting ZA test games and a trial campaign next month.
      As far as Lead Adventure goes, you know they migrated to a new domain, right? google ‘LeadAdventureForum’ and you’ll see.
      The LAM store is still functioning too – last time I checked, anyway. (Their figures are flipping perfect)
      Anyway… I’m rambling and it’s time for dinner. Have a great day.

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