Dungeon Party and New Characters



I have this hobby tic, this obsession with skirmish squads, adventuring parties, salvage crews, cyberpunk gangs, shadow-ops teams… I get a kick out of hunting down miniatures, matching aesthetics, regardless of manufacturer, to come up with a cool troop for whatever scenario had fired my imagination.

Few months ago – around the time I made my modular dungeon – I decided to create a generic Dungeon Crawl Party: Wizard, Knight, Rogue, Cleric, Ranger, Barbarian… you know the ones. My starting point would be Hasslefree Miniatures. Now the lion’s share of my fantasy figs are from Reaper and they’re outstanding. But this time I wanted a different look, as well as the opportunity to work on my painting skills.

To be honest, I chose HF because I’ve always found Kev White’s figs, along with Corvus Belli’s Infinity range, pretty intimidating. What with the incredible detail, dynamic, and character, not to mention the ridiculously superb examples floating around various sites and forums, I simply wasn’t confident I’d do them justice.

But the inspiration kept gnawing at me, so I made up my mind to try. Not to compete but work on technique. I stuck with a limited palette, but I made a conscious effort to paint each figure separately, as an individual character. I slowed down my ‘table top standard, assembly line’ approach and spent more time trying to pick out extra details, dry brush, maybe highlight. I spent a little more time on the bases. We’re not talking Golden Demon here, just a notch or two above my usual.

The results are below

Half-Ogre Fighter
Celtos Elf Character. (Still Kev White tho)
Barbarian and his Rogue Babe
A Cleric and a Dwarf walk into a bar…

Here’s an Alternate Rogue

One of Tre Manor’s Barbarians, I believe.


There’s a vague ‘Northman/Barbarian’ look to them (must be all those fur pelts) and they’re certainly not Competition standard, but I’m pleased with the results.

Now you may have noticed there’s no Wizard. I tried several, really, but none of them ticked all my boxes for this bunch. But I think I’ve finally found one: Meksant Farseer from Lucid Eye’s Red Book of the Elf King range. (and I want all of those miniatures now, thank you.)  He’s in the mail. I’ll post photos and a group shot when he’s done.


So there are seven of us who meet weekly to game now. I consider myself exceptionally fortunate to be able to game with so many great guys. Even more remarkable, word of Game Night has spread and there might be a new player coming next week.

At this point, an RPG is the only way to keep everyone involved and I have to say SYMBAROUM does a fine job; easy system, darkly beautiful setting, evocative artwork, loads of GM material… really can’t say enough about how robust and deep the game is. You should get it. Seriously.

On that point, I got some color on three new figs: Sister Althea, representative of the controversial priest Father Sarvola; an alternate fig for Tom’s character, Tior Huldrasson; and an ‘as-yet-unnamed’ Rogue for our potential new adventurer.


Enough for now. Have an excellent weekend. More to come, including a major ZONA ALFA Bat Rep.


Miniature Clearance Sale

Clearing the Overflow Shelf and sending these off to a good home.


12 assorted metal Reaper fantasy figs and 7 Reaper Bones* Orcs. Tabletop-level paint jobs, satin sealed, 40mm bases. Terrain not included.

$50 Includes USPS Priority Shipping in the ConUS.




Mix of Assault Group and Foundry Street Violence. The Police are Westwind figs led by an old Rezolution Marshal supported by an RAFM Drone.

All metal, decent brushwork, satin sealed.

$50 Included USPS Priority Shipping the ConUS.




All metal figs with funky, old-school vibe. Predator Marines and two flavors of Corporate Marines.

$25 Includes USPS Priority Shipping in the ConUS.



Contact me here. First Come-First Serve. I will combine shipping on purchase all three lots. PayPal Only. Thanks.






Recent Brushwork

Trying to change my palette if not my technique to achieve a different look on my minis. I read a ‘How To Paint Military Miniatures’ book ages ago, and settled on the ink wash/Shade Down method rather than the Highlight Up all the cool kids do nowadays.

Whippersnappers! Back in my day, a real painter had messy fingers from all the run-off.

40 years on, I still don’t have an airbrush. Maybe someday. But until then, here are several new figs from the painting desk.

Trying for that Arabian theme.
A Kev White sculpt according to Reaper. I like that he’s tough but normal looking.
Great fig. Very subtle. The pic doesn’t quite show it but I went for a weathered duster feel to his cloak and jacket.
Nothing really special about these four – except they’re a bunch of Do-Gooder, Avenging Paladin-types. (Sounds like a 90’s Christian metal band) There’s a fifth member of the band on the way.
Brightening up a Thief defeats the purpose, but his gray clothes and lighter tone than usual armor works nice.
“I told you what would happen if you got up.”
Iconic Investigator investigating a mysterious rune stone. (Or a new FB Profile picture)


FOR SALE: Painted Sci Fi forces

Some of you might recall me mentioning my recent acceptance to a week-long Writer’s Workshop on Martha’s Vineyard.
Well what was months away has finally arrived – it’s called Viable Paradise, and it begins Oct 18. Staffed with professional authors, editors, and assorted Spec-Fiction Industry folk, I’ll be working on my latest project, a post-apoc fantasy novel. (Link to my Amazon page, if you’re interested in some of my other work)

I’m not just hoping to be challenged, trusting the intensive input/focused critique will hone my skills and broaden my understanding of the process and business, but I’m paying for it – a fair amount of coin, in fact. So I’d like to defray some of the expense by selling off portions of my collection.

Offered here are several painted skirmish sets, all of which have seen battle on the table. Some are even veterans of countless bloody affairs and vulgar brawls. Please note, the Terrain buildings are NOT included.


Everything will be packed securely.

Prices include insured shipping in the ConUS. Overseas will run additional postage, at cost.

I won’t split up the lots but will be happy to combine shipping.

Payment by PayPal only. First come-first serve.

You can contact me here or at CCGlazier AT g mail DOT com.

Thank you very much.


BUG HUNT SET  – $120

CONTAINS: Five Reaper Chronoscope Bones IMEF troopers, One Mantic Games resin mech suit, One Games Workshop pilot fig, One resin generator scenic, One Reaper Bones Frost Snake, Ten Horror-Clix Brood repaints, and One Clix Hive terrain piece.

DSCF1491 DSCF1493 DSCF1494 DSCF1497 DSCF1498 DSCF1502


DESERT SCHEME TERRAN DEFENSE FORCE, aka “The Weary Bastards” – $175

CONTAINS: One Antenociti Workshop resin APC, Five Copplestone troopers in berets, One Urban Mammoth Viridian Sniper, Three Zandris IV Battlesuits, Ten modified Pig Iron Heavy Infantry, One scratch-built gunsled, One scratch-built anti-air emplacement

DSCF1506 DSCF1507 DSCF1508

PIVets 007DSCF1515***


CONTAINS: One Antenociti Workshop resin APC, One kit-bash Heavy Weapon walker drone, Ten Infantry troopers (mix of MERCS and kit-bash figs) and One Dust Tactics walker (repaint)

DSCF1519 DSCF1521 DSCF1523 DSCF1525 DSCF1526***


CONTAINS: Nine Infantry (Seven Urban Mammoth Viridian troopers, One NCO, One Mantic Games Officer) One Reaper modified Bulldog Exo-suit, One UM Vasa Officer, Five Cybertronic Shock Troops

DSCF1532 DSCF1534 DSCF1537DSCF1542***


CONTAINS: Five Warlord Games Algoryn troopers, Five MERCS Miniatures, One modified Rebel Minis URSA Exo-suit

DSCF1528 DSCF1530

That’s it for now. Thank you again.

Silo57 Crew

Another crew for our Post-Apoc campaign. Here is Matt’s Scientific Enclave


A small band of scientists, security and support staff survived the apocalypse in an underground bunker complex that was part of America’s intercontinental missile defense system. The Silo57 team is dedicated to restoring some shred of civilization to the world.

Heavy reliance on science makes this team focused on recovering any and all technology-related artifacts. Employing drones, robots, cyborgs, Silo 57 members are well-equipped if not well trained. What they lack in experience they make up in technological know-how and firepower.

Full Silo 57 Crew
Full Silo 57 Crew
Lead Researcher and Chore-Bot
Lead Researcher and Chore-Bot
Security with Mobile Tesla Cannon
Security with Mobile Tesla Cannon
Interns in Haz-Mat Suits
Interns in Haz-Mat Suits
Mil-borgs 3 and 7
Mil-borgs 3 and 7

pasilo57 021

We’ll have one more trial game so Derek and Matt can familiarize themselves with their forces. Pictures of hostiles coming.

Have a great day.

Bounty Hunters, Farseer and old skool Rigger

Been off-line since Thurs a.m. for no understandable reason. While DSL Extreme and Verizon played the blame-game, Comcast got my business. Back stalking the interwebs this morning.

Here’s pix of recent brushwork.

Infinity Bounty Hunter with drone support. A pair of old Van Saar gangers provide extra muscle.
Infinity Bounty Hunter with drone support. A pair of old Van Saar gangers provide extra muscle.
Another Infinity Bounty hunter, Father Somebody Italian-sounding, IIRC. He arrived with a mangled hand, hence the unauthorized sidearm.  He's backed up by two new Yu Jing troopers.
Another Infinity Bounty hunter, Father Somebody Italian-sounding, IIRC. He arrived with a mangled hand, hence the unauthorized sidearm. He’s backed up by two new Yu Jing troopers.
Old RAFM Shadowrunner Rigger with Counterblast Seeker drone.  Seem to go together well.
Old RAFM Shadowrunner Rigger with Counterblast Seeker drone. Seem to go together well.
Metal Elder Farseer. He's now in command of Derek's Elder mercenary force.
Metal Elder Farseer. He’s now in command of Derek’s Elder mercenary force.

Big Dog Support for MOUT Force

So I am not posting pix of the previous two game nights because my D10s are traitorous little plastic polyhedrals. It’s as if they instinctively know to roll the exact opposite of whatever target number I need in a particular situation. *5 or less? How’s three 10s hit ya? Muwahahahahahha* Bastards have left my forces strewn in inept, bloody chunks across the battlefield two weeks in a row now. The phrase ‘Never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity’ sums up my tactical acumen.

So… here’s some posed shots of my Pig Iron MOUT force with ‘Big Dog/Pitbull’ support droid. It’s a Reaper CAV ‘Simba’ I found on eBay. A bit big, but seeing as it’s a futuristic variant with light weapons support, it works fine.

MOUTFeb2015 002
Big Dog/Pitbull D:PLS. Droid- Portage and Light Support. “Deeples”. Paint him red and call him Clifford.
MOUTFeb2015 004
At the electrical junction box bunker.
Infantry with Zandris IV battle suit. Get one - You know  want to.
Infantry with Zandris IV battle suit. Get one – You know want to.
MOUT Team Rhino. Smile when you say that.
MOUT Team Gator. Smile when you say that.

Our next game is slated to be a ‘seize the high ground terrain in ruined city’. My worthy opponent will deploy some Infinity Combined Army figs while I’m considering Reaper Chronoscope IMEF Marines with an old SST Grizzly suit. Pictures if I win.

Or at least tie.

Take Care.

oh yeah…

Sniper: they call him 'The Finger of God.'
Sniper: they call him ‘The Finger of God.’