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Terror and Treasure in the Dark Corners of the World

NIGHTWATCH is a game about killing monsters, any and all kinds. Designed specifically for Solo or Cooperative play, you and your friends will form a party of monster hunters – warriors, trackers, magicians, and alchemists – who are members of the NIGHTWATCH: an ancient order dedicated to hunting down and destroying the malevolent creatures that terrorize humanity.

Your monster hunters will advance over the course of game, rising through the ranks of their chosen Guild, gaining experience and unlocking new skills as they fight ever more dangerous enemies on the blood-soaked path to confront their ultimate quarry.

So sharpen your sword, check the flints on your pistols, and grab a handful of elixirs; it’s time to give the monsters someone to fear.


NIGHTWATCH is from the author of Hardwired: Cyberpunk Espionage and Mayhem, Hardwired: Tsim Sha Tsui Expansion, and Zona Alfa: Salvage and Survival in the Exclusion Zone.


6 responses to “Coming Soon”

  1. This is very much up my street! Can’t wait!

    1. Nice. Thanks for letting me know.
      I’m waiting on the interior illustrations. More info once they arrive.

  2. Nice! I’ve got both Hardwired and Zona Alfa so I’m pretty confident this’ll be right up my alley. Can’t wait!

    1. Thanks. The challenge has been to integrate fantasy genre details like types of weapons, grades of armor, spells and potions, magical artifacts in a way that’s meaningful but doesn’t clog the simplicity of the dice mechanics.
      I think I’ve found a decent balance though and it’s coming together. I’m very much looking forward to adding more of John Angelo’s work to this game and kicking this rule set out the door for people to enjoy.
      Take Care.

  3. Can we epxect game during summer or afther summer ?

    1. So long as the interior illustrations meet the deadline, the release is slated for August. Thanks.

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