Recent Brushwork – pt. 2

Our weekly group is getting ready to try the sci-fi, transhuman RPG Eclipse Phase 2.0 , so I slapped color on a bunch of Privateer Press’ Warcaster Neo-Mechanika miniatures to use as character and major NPC figs.

I don’t play W N-M, or any PP games for that matter, and there doesn’t seem to be a lot of other people playing it either. At least not on the forums I frequent. But I picked ’em up on eBay for a song and as not-Grimdark Sci Fi, I can see lots of uses for them.

As I mentioned previously, the Eclipse Phase 2.0 setting is ridiculously cool, (far-future, trans-human survival and conspiracy with a dash of horror) but the rule system is very gritty. IFAIK, one of the developers worked on Shadowrun, another cool setting/rules heavy game, so I shouldn’t be surprised. That said, we’ll streamline it and give it a try. If only as an excuse to get painted figs on the table and lean into some science fiction gaming for a while.

Below are an assortment of NPCs, most of which will appear later. I’m not showing all of them, but there are a pair of drones, a security squad, and a trio of infected cybernetic brutes. The brutes are slightly modified, touched up, plastic Starfinder figs to fill the need for cheap, bulk goons. I’ve got more NPCs and Baddies in the wings. I’ll post pix when when they’re finished.

Lastly, I dusted off two small sections of the old modular interior boards. These will work overtime as a space ship cargo hold, space station levels, and finally as portions of an underground facility on Mars. (foreshadowing the adventure narrative, there) I made them decades ago and they’re still holding up. It’s good to see them get table time once more.

That’s it for now. First session is Tuesday night. Review and AAR as the game develops.

Thanks for stopping by. Have an excellent day.

4 responses to “Recent Brushwork – pt. 2”

  1. Very nice- I do like the range of NPCs and the interior board.



  2. Thank you very much. It’s nice to put those interior boards back to use.
    I’m thinking if EP 2.0 doesn’t work out, I can always use the figs in Numenera or Bounty Hunter. Or perhaps slap paint on the rest of the faction starter sets and run a few games of EZ Hostile Takeover. Get ’em on the table and in the action.

  3. I love the Warcaster minis. Glad to see them with non-faction paint schemes.

    1. Thanks. TBH, it seems W N-M launched with a big splash then sunk without a ripple. Then again, I’m not a PP or competitive player, so maybe there’s a dedicated group doing tournaments?
      The faction sets are tidy little warbands. Even more of a value when they’re discounted. I’m partial to the Marcher World figs myself and picked up a bunch on clearance.
      I’ll get paint on them and make a reason to get them on the table. They’re too cool not to.
      Thanks for stopping by. Have an excellent day.

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