Defending the Sisters

A NIGHTWATCH Battle Report

Ancient rune stones known as ‘The Four Sisters’.

Isaac Von Dorn readied the grenadoes in his satchel. “The Verminkin are already here,” he said, peering through the trees. “Just two but it looks to be a lieutenant and one of the brute aberrations. They’re preparing for their foul ceremony.”

Lael Sein cinched the shield straps and drew his sword. “Two you see means twenty you can’t.”

“It doesn’t matter how many, we can’t let them defile the Sisters,” Ryker Amboss grunted. He leaned his massive war staff against a tree trunk and hefted the grimoire off his belt. “I’m prepared to deal with swarms of the little rat bastards. They all burn the same.”

Simu Vulpe loosened the heavy bladed cutlass in its sheath and loaded a quarrel in his hand crossbow. “What about them?” he asked, nodding at the pair of mercenaries kneeling a short distance off. “Verminkin aren’t a regular foe. Might be a bit much to ask of hired help.”

Von Dorn looked into the clearing below then at the hired fighters. “We’ll split up, Lael and Simu come in from the south while Ryker and I approach from the north. Each group takes a mercenary. That way we hit the beasts from two sides and bolster their courage at the same time.”

“Sounds as good a plan as any,” Simu said. “They agreed to fight alongside the Nightwatch. They must have suspected this wouldn’t be normal. Or easy.”

Ryker picked up his war staff in one hand. “If it was easy, then anyone could do it.” He paused and looked back at his comrades. “Get into position and wait for my signal.”

Lael eyed the Mancer suspiciously. “Which will be…?”

“Me bashing that brute’s head in,” Ryker answered. “In Tenebris, Venari.”

“In Tenebris, Venari,” the other three Guild Hunters replied.

*Special Note: pulled out a box of rats and GW Skaven for this mission. Decided to field only as many as I had of any particular type rather than recycle. Also swiped an excellent suggestion from Paul S. aka ‘Cheetor’ or ‘Sho3box’ to deploy Special Minions whereby individual, higher level enemy models get a single Atrocity trait. This lets me make Terror-level lieutenants and hulking bodyguard types who are distinct and dangerous but not as formidable as a full blown Atrocity-level Boss.

Verminkin lieutenant and brute lurking in the center of the Four Sisters.


The four portals, or spawning locations are set. For story-purposes, the Guild parties approach from opposite sides of the mission area along the dirt track. They advance as Vermin show up.

Hunters break off to deal with the low level threats while others take the mercenary fighters and press toward the sacred stones.

The first wave of minions is swiftly dispatched but one of the hired hands tries to take out the huge brute Vermin on his own. “You choose poorly.” He learns a valuable lesson right before his skull is crushed.

Seeing that, the Alchemist wisely moves left to get into position to toss grenades. “Why get up close when you can explode them from a safe distance?”

Meanwhile, more Vermin arrive to reinforce their nefarious plan.


The stench of blood and charred fur on the wind, the number of Verminkin on the battlefield begin to swell. The lieutenant lets out a horrendous screech and charges the Alchemist. (who is now without any protection.) Deadly combat breaks out on the circle as Ryker squares off against the Vermin brute.

Above them, the Tracker and the Blade are swarmed by Horde-level minions. On their own, a single ratkin isn’t much of a threat; a mob of them is a serious problem. Our daring Hunters start taking wounds.

There’s vicious fighting on the trail above the Sisters while below, the Mancer and Alchemist inflict damage and fall back, trying to stay out of reach of the tide of fur, tooth, and claw, and get to a place where their spells and grenadoes can be more effective.

The brute falls but the verminkin aren’t surrendering the field easily. More reinforcements arrive, including another Terror-level lieutenant.


The Hunters are beset on every side but per our agreed upon starting rules, there were only as many Verminkin enemies as there were models, so the supply of reinforcements runs out. The Hunters breath a sigh of relief.

Wounded, facing ever more dangerous enemies, and being pushed back, the Hunters nevertheless refuse to yield. The Mancer wields his massive war staff to deadly effect. The Blade and Tracker work together to take down the lieutenant and his warriors. The mercenary with the bow earns his pay by taking down random enemies across the board. And Von Dorn, the battered Alchemist, gets off a lucky grenado.

Then, just as suddenly as it began, the battle is finished.

The Four Sisters are safe.


A quick and brutal mission. Touch and go for a moment there, but the Nightwatch prevailed and the forces of Darkness have been pushed back. For now.

Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed it.

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  1. Great stuff.



    1. Thanks Pete. Pretty straightforward brawl and a fine contrast to our current Symbaroum sessions where the players are getting embroiled literal and figurative murky situations: royal politics and ancient underground ruins.
      Appreciate you. Have an excellent day.

  2. Ordered my copy today šŸ™‚ looking forward to playing this with my wife.

    1. Thank you. Hope you have an excellent time working together to slay monsters.
      Remember, tweak the rules to taste. Whether you’re hunters are scorching waves of minions or working their way through a more deliberate narrative, RPG-style, make the game fun.
      oh and take pictures. I’d love to see them.

  3. 2020 being the year that it is, my gaming opportunities have temporarily evaporated, but I still get excited at the prospect of playing Nightwatch… soon I hope.

    How did the Special Minions work out mechanically? Did they feel right? Are they more trouble than they are worth? Are they fun?

    Man, that report has me itching to play šŸ™‚

    1. Sorry to hear about the evaporation. This nonsense has to end soon.
      The Special Minions worked fine. It’s a great idea that really adds flavor to the mission. Slightly more powerful, individual mini-bosses who lead or bolster contingents of standard level troops. Glad you were inspired.

      1. I’m planning games in anticipation of more game time, which is the next best thing I suppose.

        Lots of skaven to paint too, with something like the above planned. A gaming buddy has been prepping dryads, fauns and other creepy fairy tale forest types specifically with Nightwatch in mind.

        Lots of plans šŸ™‚

  4. What an entertaining action packed episode! Love it. Beefing up a champ character is excellent as well.

  5. My copy arrived yesterday. I really like the idea of terror level minions with a single atrocity trait.

    Thanks for the great write up!


  6. Nice. And thank you for getting Nightwatch. The Special Minion idea was a bit of stolen inspiration from Paul S. (Sho3box) And has since been absorbed into the core system.

    1. Very cool! I picked up Tsimshian Sha Tsui while I was at it.

      Iā€™m painting some Yakuza cyberpunks from the Unit 9 Patreon to use as a corporate hit squad.

      Can I ask where you get your cool cyberpunk terrain from; specifically your oriental themed buildings?

      1. I’ve been eyeing those Yakuza for a while. someday…
        The buildings are Plast Craft Colored with lots of bits and signage added. Check the company website. Or eBay. They should be available.
        Take Care.

      2. You too.

        Thanks again!

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