Nightwatch Guilds

“In darkness, we hunt

Nightwatch motto.

In NIGHTWATCH, a player’s character belongs to one of four Hunter Guilds; ancient orders of monster hunters dedicated to exterminating the vile creatures of darkness where ever and whenever they rear their ugly heads.

Each Guild specializes in a specific approach to eliminating evil and trains their recruits in a corresponding style of combat. Guild association will shape a Hunter’s tactical abilities and grant them in-game bonuses in line with those particular methods and training. 

Think of the four Guilds as distinct, distinguished academies, each with their own lore, methods, and techniques, each founded to train a specific type of Hunters. Each player character in your party will belong to one and only one. The four guilds are: Guild of Blades, Guild of Trackers, Guild of Alchemists, and the Guild of Mancers.

The Guild of Blades

Is just like it sounds: Hunters trained to take the enemy down in close combat. Their armor is sturdy, their weapons sharp, their minds steadfast in the face of the evil they confront.  

The Guild of Trackers

Others prefer to stalk their prey and strike from a distance. These Hunters are swift, stealthy and skilled with all manner of ranged weapons. 

The Guild of Alchemists

This Guild offers a more scientific approach to hunting. Competent fighters when the need arises, Alchemists are rigorously schooled in medicine and chemistry, and they rely on potent elixirs, powerful grenades, and complex compounds to gain an edge over the terrible creatures they pursue.   

The Guild of Mancers

Not all monsters are mindless, ravenous beasts. Many employ sorcery and magical arts, these made all the more dangerous by a dark intellect and cruel motives. To face this threat head on, the trains their members to wield arcane powers and channel the primal forces of the elements to deadly effect.

While the Guilds differ in their training and techniques, they have an identical ranking system for their members. There are four levels, or ranks, based on experience: Initiate, Adept, Journeyman, and Master.

Each Guild rank has a unique feat or ability associated with it. These Guild Abilities range from exceptional demonstrations of strength or dexterity to cunning ruses, specially crafted items, and extraordinary displays of arcane power. Reserved for dire straits or opportune moments, these feats can turn the tide of battle and spell the difference between life and death for a Pact, a town, a province, even an entire kingdom.

All Hunters start as Initiates, hoping to climb their way to the rank of Master Hunter on a mound of monster skulls. Promotions come automatically with time, earned over the course of the Hunt through courage, combat, and most of all, survival.


That’s enough NIGHTWATCH news for now. It’s still slated for an August release.

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  1. I’m really looking forward to this.

    The theme fits perfectly with my current projects too, I’m excited!

    1. Nice to know. I’m glad you can find a use for it.

  2. Quick question. It sounds like characters start by picking a guild & then customizing by taking skills/feats/traits in the chosen guild. Are they able to choose skills & such from other guild templates, at an increased cost??

    1. Apologies for the late reply.
      Not quite how it works.
      There are mix-n-match options of armor classes, weapons with distinct abilities, and gear (magic and other wise) but Guild affiliation – each with a specific skill tree – is restricted to members only.
      Remember this is a cooperative game, so you’ll need to build a party whose members compliment one another. No one is good at everything.

  3. August has arrived do you have a release date?

    1. Still waiting on the interior illustrations. After that, it’ll need the final layout and one last proof read.

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