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Spurred by lock down guilt and a Paint and Pledge challenge from Soren at Blood Beard’s Garage, I’ve been spending some of my quarantine time down in the game room, actually finishing projects.

Bouncing between Sci Fi and Fantasy figs, my painting table is starting to clear up. I can actually see the surface. (it’s white)

To start, here’s an old Warzone Capitol Hero and a custom Hardwired Splicer Agent. (HeroForge)

Old Warzone fig. Dated but loads of character.

Next up is a fast-n-dirty five man squad of Enforcers. I have squads for Van Saar and Goliath as well, and the plan is to run a couple simple Underhive missions with my two eldest grandsons.

Nothing fancy. They’ll look good on the table in with the terrain.

Next is a batch of Fantasy figs from various manufacturers. They’ll see action in Symbaroum, ASOBH, and test games for Nightwatch.

Last is a small Baddie warband of Games Workshop eBay finds. Not strictly from the same faction but passable with a unifying paint scheme.

That’s it for now. Occasional Tom and I have a Zone run scheduled tomorrow afternoon. We’ll be trying out the new Point of Interest mechanic in a co-op game. (more on that later) Full Bat Rep to follow.

That’s it for now. Stay Safe. Stay Well. Good Hunting, Stalkers.

6 responses to “Latest brushwork”

  1. Great work on all of them- really like the Enforcers though.



  2. Thanks Pete. Funny, those were painted assembly line style and took the least amount of time. Van Saar are helfway done but the Goliath are only primed. Still a few days left in April tho.

  3. Terrific painting, as ever. It’s nice to see PP’s Krueger in his ‘eek! A spider!’ pose (2nd picture of the ‘various manufacturers’ section. Who is that crazy sculpt with the hands on chains in the 4th picture of the ‘various manufacturers’ section?

  4. Thanks.
    That’s a Zombicide fig. Can’t recall the name. Apologies.

  5. Nightwatch?

    1. Fantasy version of Hardwired. In development. Currently on hold while I recover.

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