Last post of 2021

Hope you all had a good Christmas holiday, gave and received excellent gifts, and remained healthy. Myself, I picked up a copy of the new Heroquest (for the grand kids, of course) and a very gritty urban cyberpunk game mat from PlayMats.EU


The Cape Cod Wargame Commission has been running various RPGs, the most recent session a one-shot in the high medieval, Arthurian-flavored Pendragon system, run by John the Newly Married. Hilarity ensued as there were knights and squires, quests aplenty, a belching panther, and a dragon. Not a bad way to spend an evening and close out the year.


…Are quite cool. Don’t play the mass-battle game but I have picked up individual miniatures to use as NPC fighters and Hirelings when monster hunting in Nightwatch.

I’ve amassed quite the collection of assorted swordsmen, bow and crossbow fighters, skirmishers, and other types. They’re good sculpts, fairly inexpensive, and take my ‘fast-n-dirty’ paint jobs well. I have a few more on the painting desk but the bulk of them are done.


Guess all the cool kids have 3D printers these days. While I’m loving the huge volume of extremely cool sculpts that show up online every month, I’m not looking for another hobby thing to have/learn/do, and so am content to purchase printed figs from various sellers on eBay and Etsy. Here’s an Elf monk and an Orc rogue that might make appearances in our upcoming 5e campaign run by Neighbor Mike starting next month.

I put the first colors on another batch this afternoon, so there’s more coming.


I typically take the week between Christmas and New Year to close out the old year and make the first broad plans from the next one, setting some milestones and major goals. Hobby-wise, the solo/cooperative post alien invasion game INSURGENT EARTH is at the top of the To Do list.

Just below are a pair of expansions. The first for Exploit Zero – ‘Snitches, Glitches, and DAF Augs‘ – for those of you who are interested in adding complications to your missions and risky Burakku X-Tech to your Agents.

I’ve also been hammering away at a RPG supplement for Nightwatch titled ‘Blood and Bone’ that will not only offer a simple way to add narrative scenes and interaction to your games, but have a tutorial campaign as well. So ‘watch this space’ as they say.

art for ‘Snitches, Glitches, and DAF Augs’


I think we’re still crawling out of this pandemic thing, so 2021 was, while not great, a damn sight better than 2020. We made it through and I’m particularly grateful for all you who stop by, comment, and enjoy gaming.

Here’s to a happy, healthy 2022 filled with epic adventure, stalwart companions, and rare treasures.

Game on.

  • PS: if you’re in the US, you’ll want to get your SOIAF singles at TrollHoardGames. Good folks, good service, good product.

11 responses to “Last post of 2021”

  1. Better a belching panther than a belching dragon!

    Which mat did you get?

    Are you going to have alien walkers in “Insurgent Earth”? Cause I got a half dozen or so from “All Quiet on the Martian Front”!

    1. Yes, indeed.
      This is the mat:
      Alien Walkers. Yes, as heavy assets for the Alien Occupation forces. Remember – Insurgent Earth is a solo/cooperative game along the lines of Exploit Zero and Nightwatch. Bit more detail, same basic dice mechanics and adversary tiers.
      Is AQotMF 15mm?

      1. Yes, AQotMF is/was 15mm.

  2. All of your painting is excellent but that table takes things to the next level… absolutely brilliant looking!

    1. Thanks.
      It’s the mat with the printed ruins that does it. I just put ’em together.

  3. Thanks Patrick,

    Hope you and yours have a better 2022. Looking forward to Insurgent Earth and playing more Kontraband (family commitments since November have ground this to a halt and new terrain is required first off).

    Best wishes


    1. Thanks John. Same to you.
      Last week’s game session, the last one of the year, was supposed to be a large ZA-K mission but it was cancelled due to a ‘close-contact-covid’ incident. Thankfully no one tested positive, but it threw a wrench in the works while we waited for results.

      I’m pleased with how IE is developing. There’s a lot of room for different themes and settings, from straight up X-Com style encounters to more sneaky, desperate partisans like Captive State or Colony. I think people will really enjoy it.

      I’m taking time to make sure the new campaign elements don’t muck up the simplicity of the core mechanics. I still want it to be easy, versatile, and intuitive.

      If you’re up for it, I’ll contact you for playtesting Q1 2022.

  4. Thank you for making 2021 a little more bearable. I am really looking forward to Insurgent Earth. In the meantime I am starting a Zona Alfa campaign at my local games club next week.
    All the best for 2022!

    1. Thank you. Glad I could help even a little.
      Let me know if I can help in any way with ZA or Kontraband.
      I’m critical of my own work but I think Insurgent Earth will be good.

  5. Have a great new year! Looking forward to trying Nightwatch this year 🙂

    1. Thank you. Same to you.

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