A brawl and brushwork

The Cape Cod Wargame Commission is in stretch of RPG sessions, specifically, The Curse of Strahd. Which means 1. there’s not a lot of dramatic tabletop photos, and 2. we’re all busy trying not to die.

That said, after the WJW/’hardwired’ nonsense, I treated myself to a very keen, new GM screen from Dog Might Games. Delivered the other day, it has laser-etched wood, nifty magnets for holding notes, plexiglass tabs, real weight. A presence. You settle in behind it and it whispers, ‘You look good. Now run a game worthy of me.

Challenge accepted.

John at the GM helm for Strahd, he’ll actually get first use of it in a couple weeks. (I’m not surly about it. No, I’m not) We decided to break up the Strahd campaign and have intermissions for other games in between three-act chunks. So we survived the creepy house and paused to catch a breath. Then it was Kontraband last week and a Song of Blades and Heroes brawl the past Tuesday night.

Brandon and Other Pat squared off against Matt the Evil Meme Master and John in a 4 v 4 tussle over lost treasure in some nameless ruins. (the usual)

Not the best pictures, but that’s OK because Brandon and Other Pat did not want photographic evidence of the incident. They could not roll dice to save their (character’s) lives. None of us could remember seeing so many 1’s rolled.

Meanwhile, the Forces of Darkness cackled their way to total victory with consistent 5s and 6s, cutting through the the Good Guys like a battleaxe through a ripe pumpkin. It became the running joke of the evening and everyone had a good attitude about it, but I suspect Brandon and Other Pat will be purchasing new D6s soon.

In the meantime, my painting desk is filled with Vikings for Ravenfeast and some really cool ECW figs from Bloody Miniatures – which will make an appearance in some upcoming play test games for a possible Nightwatch expansion. (too many ideas bouncing around in my head)

I’ll leave you with a couple new pieces of brushwork: an updated version of Matt’s infamous ‘Gunther’ character, a couple poor photos of our current D&D party, and my simple take on the imprisoned vampire lord himself.

Thanks for stopping by. Have an excellent day. Stay well and game hard.

4 responses to “A brawl and brushwork”

  1. Great to see you bouncing back after the legal troubles.

    That DM screen is a thing of beauty.



    1. Thank you.
      And yes, the screen is quite lovely.

  2. Love that DM screen!

    1. Thanks. I’m looking forward to using it. Really makes me want to dive back into Symbaroum.

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