Loggerheads Underground

Our Symbaroum adventure continues as our heroes investigate the logging site where a party of laborers went missing. A short, sharp clash with a Gwann revealed not only the loggers’ cause of death but an underground passage that led to a catacomb.

Never ones to pass up a good delve, they decided to descend and explore like proper old school adventurers.


Broke out the modular dungeon tiles. Our heroes entered in the middle of a long passage. The corridor to their right blocked by an arcane barrier, they decided to explore left. (no flies on these guys, for sure)

After dealing with loose rubble, spiders falling from the ceiling, and some particularly voracious zombified commoners, they cleared that wing and netted some loot, including a hefty wrought iron key that opened a large door nearby, and a vellum, scroll with a single word written thereon in three languages (Elvish, Ambrian, and Dwarf)


The following week, having built up some confidence with their recent win, they backtracked and approached the arcane barrier. It took a while but the two ladies in the party figured out how to get past it. (“What if we say the word on the scroll we found?”)

Sure enough…

And then it was time for arrow traps in the narrow passage and armored Draghoul in the library. Oh and the next passage too. These undead were tougher, inflicting several serious wounds before they went down. Neighbor Mike’s staff mage in particular needed some stitches, magical healing, and a herbal cure in order to continue.

Two rattles of armored skeletons were just a warm up for the blighted necromancer who was lurking in the tomb. Turns out he and his followers had been imprisoned here by Iron Pact elves for raiding ruins in Dark Davokar and awakening the corruption of old Symbar. A dangerous foe indeed.

Once again it was touch and go as the party faced a higher level opponent with weapon skill and magic ability. But, the combined effort of the players and their stalwart NPC helpers defeated the heinous abomination.

And got even more loot. Nice.

But what about the logging camp? Gold and jewels and artifacts are well and good but what about the job their Duke sent them to do?

Tune in in two weeks to find out.

Thanks for dropping by. Have an excellent day.


Oh and here are some random photos of recently painted miniatures and a Thanksgiving Day game of Nightwatch.

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  1. That game looks lovely- really impressive set up.



    1. Thanks Pete. Nice miniatures and terrain make it easy to look good. And the kids had fun, which is even better.

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