A couple new crew members for Zone runs, one a head swap on a Mongrel Miniatures Russian, the other on a fig from The Assault Group.

Mongrel Mini from Badger Games USA
TAG with Pig Iron Productions gasmask head.

Here are several shots from today’s game. An experienced STALKER crew happened to be in the neighborhood when a recon UAV went down in the town of Yoshkav-Ola. A Zone Enforcement squad was diverted from their regular patrol for the retrieval. Wouldn’t you know, but there was a difference of opinion over the data recorder. Proper Battle Report on the way.

Side note: I’m culling my personal collection and several units are looking to transfer to a new theater of operations. Take a look at the FOR SALE tab for more info.

Thanks for looking. Game hard. Have an excellent day.

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  1. Excellent work. Looking forward to the full battle report.



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