FALL 2017

Hi. Hope this finds you well and winning all your games.

I’m finishing my next novel and I’d like to sell off some figs and hire a cover artist.

Prices include shipping in the ConUS. If you’re overseas and interested, please contact me to determine actual postage costs. (USPS has had hefty increases recently)

PayPal only. First come – first served. I will combine shipping for multiple sets. Contact me here or gmail me (CCGlazier AT)



Ten metal Pig Iron System Scavengers armed with assault rifles led by a charismatic female as deadly as she is sexy, (old metal Sedition Wars character) supported by a metal DP9 mech for heavy firepower, these are suitable as Corporate Security or well-armed revolutionaries. Either way your outer-system colony skirmishing has never looked so good.

Terrain is not included. Price includes shipping in the ConUS.






That’s it for now.  Thanks for looking.



9 thoughts on “FOR SALE”

  1. hi
    congratulations for the site, I’d be interested to the twelve Cybertronics,
    I want to know if you ship in Italy, and how much it would cost in total

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