Found this the other night…

It’s actually happening.

Speaking of ZONA ALFA, here are three character figs: premium Zone Guide Yuri Bonyev, the mysterious ‘Marked One’, and a Bloodsucker, looking for his swamp, I guess.

That’s all for now. Have a good weekend.

6 responses to “Found this the other night…”

  1. Congratulations! And where did that blood sucker figure come from!? It’s great!

    1. It’s a mix of GW Chaos and ‘Nid parts.

  2. Congratulations, that’s awesome!

    1. Thanks. Still a ways off, but it’s cool knowing ZA is actually happening.

  3. That is great news- well done.

    Love the first figure too.



  4. Thanks very much.
    And I like him too. Yuri is my crew leader.

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