“The one with broken windows…”

A ZONA ALFA Bat Rep Turns out Supply Convoy S37 wasn’t lost at all; a notebook in the jacket of one of the drivers (the half-eaten one) revealed their detour into the Strashnyy Ublyudok facility was deliberate. Seems they had been sent to drive-by recon the area and locate a specific office building. “The one […]

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Zone Hostiles

Zona Alfa is a competitive, multi-player game where you and your opponent fight to accomplish mission objectives and acquire valuable salvage. However, other players aren’t the only enemies you need to be worried about in the Exclusion Zone. Each game feature a central Mission Objective, as well as a number of Hot Spots. These are […]

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HARDWIRED Mission: Kittens and Memes

Down two members last Tuesday eve, Derek didn’t want to launch Scene 1 of our Savage Worlds/Interface Zero game, so we played a quick HARDWIRED mission instead. Objectives: 1. Rescue a box of kittens from the roof of the district medical clinic, and 2. upload subversive, anti-corp memes to the Smartglass ad-board across the street. […]

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