HARDWIRED Mission: Kittens and Memes

Down two members last Tuesday eve, Derek didn’t want to launch Scene 1 of our Savage Worlds/Interface Zero game, so we played a quick HARDWIRED mission instead.

Objectives: 1. Rescue a box of kittens from the roof of the district medical clinic, and 2. upload subversive, anti-corp memes to the Smartglass ad-board across the street.

Distressed Kittens? Digital vandalism? Sign us up! A four person crew consisting of a Shiver, a Ronin, a Razor, and a Sawbones leaped into action.

L->R Shiver, Sawbones, Razor, Ronin

Turns one and two saw the crew move in into position in the face of waves of heartless, kitten-kicking Corpo-Security.

Shots fired, no real damage done, the Crew takes control of the first Objective. “Kittens Retrieved.”

Turns 3 and 4, the Corp Rapid Response units start to arrive. Worse, the D4 kept rolling the location numbers of the two points closest to the Objectives, so that end of the board was getting crowded, fast. The Crew upped their game and sent the Razor forward to slice-n-dice, while the Shiver scrambled the newcomers to slow them down so the Sawbones can sprint up and open fire.

Things got tense in turn 5. The Corp-elites arrived and wounded the kitten-carrying Ronin, plus the reinforcements kept pouring on the board at nearby arrival locations and there were a couple fumbled micro-grenades.

Despite all the lead flying, the Razor had climbed onto the Ad-Board and uploaded the memes. Objective Two down. Time is running out. “Get to the mono-rail!”

Turn 6 saw the Crew leave the mission area just in time. Memes propagating, kittens rescued, quiet returns to sector 83, district 7, Lower New Kowloon.

That’s all for now. Thanks. Have an excellent weekend.

4 responses to “HARDWIRED Mission: Kittens and Memes”

  1. Great game report. I’ve read through the rules myself and am looking forward to my first game.



    1. Thanks Pete. I really hope you enjoy it. Let me know if you’ve got any questions and take pictures of your game please.

  2. Great looking board. I recognize some of the buildings but can’t remember where I saw them (i.e. who makes them). Could you share where you got them from? Thanks!

    1. Hi Dave,
      Thank you. Buildings are PlastCraft Colored. Easy-to-assemble, You can break up the boxy look with extra pieces, posters, and signage. The 3-Sided Ad Board is from Impudent Mortal, the scatter is bitz from different companies.

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