“The one with broken windows…”


Turns out Supply Convoy S37 wasn’t lost at all; a notebook in the jacket of one of the drivers (the half-eaten one) revealed their detour into the Strashnyy Ublyudok facility was deliberate. Seems they had been sent to drive-by recon the area and locate a specific office building. “The one with all the broken windows and a truck out front.”

Tom’s crew boss peers at the abandoned buildings surrounding them and spits. “Well, that narrows it down.”

Judging by the other directions and descriptions in the notebook however, this is the right place.

“There must be something here,” you comment. “Why else risk the convoy like this? I say we go further in and look around.”

“50/50 split?”

You nod.

And so both crews rub dirt in their wounds, reload their weapons and form up.

Both crews enter from the road on the right.

The area is rich with salvage and, as it turns out, thick with anomalies. The crews split up, moving down both sides of the road, intent on clearing Hot Spots.

A round of Ukrainian Bolt Tossing ensues and Seriously Ugly Creatures are drawn by the noise.

The SUCs go down quickly to combined AK fire and crew members dash in to snag the salvage.

Turns out both Hot Spots were Anomalous areas. My Bone Doc was a little too eager and failed to see the shimmering air above the crate. He takes an Anomaly discharge to the face and goes down.

Tom’s Bone Doc sees him drop and rushes over. Is he coming to help his fellow medic?


He darts in and grabs a nifty artifact. “Oh, was this for you? Guess not.”

My Bone Doc recovers with only his pride injured. (He’s miffed at his colleague though.) With the first two Hot Spots cleared, both crews advance. They’re cautious now, having seen those SUCs. Who knows what else is lurking in this place?

There, a couple hundred meters down the road, is a flatbed truck. And wouldn’t you know it’s parked outside an office building with a lot of broken windows.

Occasional Tom’s crew creeps toward the fuel tanks on the opposite side of the street while my guys leapfrog toward the truck. Another Bolt Toss brings more Uglies, long, snake-like things this time.

Occasional Tom’s leader takes one down but the other slithers toward Rooster, a Green recruit standing in the open. (like a moron)

Rooster’s crew members come to his aid before the thing can slurp him down its wide gullet. The thing dies with a long, gurgling hiss. Rooster smiles weakly and reminds himself to check his drawers when this is over.

Meanwhile, my crew has set up out side the office. A Bolt Toss prompts an unnerving howl as a huge beast charges out from around the far side of the building.

Everyone opens up and despite it’s size, speed, chitinous armor, and long, nasty fanged tongue, it dies in a hail of 5.45 x 39mm bullets.

“what the hell is that?”

Front of the building cleared, mission two is over. It’s time to search the interior for whatever those two drivers were sent to scout out.

Two leaders prepare to enter. Who knows what they’ll find?



Nine crew members between Occasional Tom and myself made this co-op game fairly easy. We’re (more or less) methodical clearing Hot Spots and the however nasty, the Hostiles didn’t spawn in significant numbers to pose any serious challenge to our firepower.

Lesson for next game: add more Hostiles. A lot more.


That’s it for now. Stay safe. Stay well.

Good hunting, Stalkers.

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