Insurgent Earth

I’m pleased to announce that Insurgent Earth is finally done.

Insurgent Earth is a tabletop war game in which players take the role of survivors in the chaotic days following a massive invasion of Earth by an advanced alien civilization.

In Insurgent Earth, the players are not Generals or Admirals, Presidents or Prime Ministers, they’re ordinary citizens; Police and Paramedics, Computer Programmers and Mechanics, Nurses, Firefighters, and Teachers – regular people who saw alien ships descend into their skies, watched war machines stride down their streets, stared in horror as entire cities were devastated and strange structures rose from the rubble.

Sure, some are reservists with military training or veterans with combat experience – but no one has super powers or a genius-level IQ. They’re not elite spec-ops ninjas or suave secret agents. These are normal people who have spent the last few weeks evading alien patrols, scrounging supplies, and staying out of the relocation camps. They are survivors in a world where everything has changed and nothing will ever be “normal” again.

Most important, they’re people who are tired of hiding in fear and living on scraps. Determined to do something, anything to fight back, they have decided to become militia, partisans, guerillas, freedom fighters… insurgents on their own planet.

This is the world they live in and these are the characters you and your friends are invited to join.

Built on the same core rule system as the Exploit Zero and Nightwatch games, Insurgent Earth is specifically designed for Solo/Cooperative effort.

Perhaps your group will salvage enough weapons and materials to stop the alien’s ‘Sweep and Seize’ operations in your town. Maybe they’ll learn a few things and take down one of the invaders’ supply ships or liberate prisoners from one of the camps in the newly designated ‘Occupied Zones.’

Maybe, just maybe, your little band of misfits will live long enough to cause so much trouble for the alien occupation that you gain a reputation as a real threat, not just a nuisance. Maybe then the alien overlords will put a bounty on your heads or deploy special units to hunt you down. But by then, perhaps the Global Resistance Network will offer you a chance to do some real damage.

However this plays out, your fight is going to take blood, sweat, tears, and a lot of luck.

If that sounds interesting, this might be the game for you.

Insurgent Earth is currently available at WargameVault in PDF.

Print version coming soon at Amazon.

Thank you, now go liberate the planet. Good hunting.

8 responses to “Insurgent Earth”

  1. That is fantastic news- well done.



  2. Woohoo! I’ll pick up the print version when available. I gotta paint up some civilian models.

    1. Excellent. Thank you very much. I’ll let people know when the print version is up at Amazon.

  3. Bought!!! Better illustrations and editing, quite big step towards professionalism. Great!
    Thank you very much for the enthusiasm.

    I’ll ask for the new edition of Nightwatch, good rules, but poor presentation.
    But only after a new game for Osprey, of course. I’m already excited:-)

    Good luck!

  4. The resistance figures I reconize as Hasslefree, but were do the Aliens ,Drones,and Machine vehicle come from ?

    1. Hi Geoff,
      Those particular aliens are Reaper Bones figs. Assorted aliens. Scroll through the Chronoscope range at their site and you’ll see ’em.
      Good hunting.

  5. I just joined the ranks. Thanks for another cool ruleset. The reason I am leaving a reply is that I was not fully hooked on getting another game as I have way too many… lol
    I just wanted to share an author that wrote a series about an alien invasion that finally pushed me to get “ Insurgent Earth “. The author is Mark Tufo and the series is “ Indian Hill “ and I just wanted to share this story with you. Hopefully this will be something you may be interested in if you do not all ready know of it.
    Anyway thanks for letting me share and ramble. I look forward to reading the rules fully and playing some solo games before I get my friends involved. Keep up the good work !

    1. Nice. Thanks for stopping by.
      I’ll look into “Indian Hill”. (opens new tab for Amazon)
      Have a good one.

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