Goblins and Vikings

Cape Cod Wargaming continues as our Dungeons & Dragons 5e campaign hits its stride. Resisting the usual Murder Hobo tendencies, our shipwrecked adventurers have decided to aid the locals instead of rob them. Our first stop off the beach was a small town that we quickly learned was suffering from a mysterious blight that plagued the land. (poisoned water supply, sick children, famine, rumors of distant war…)

So we worked out a deal with the Town Elder, tracked down some goblins and fought them in their lair with their shaman and his lizard-dog thing, (still don’t know what that was) then freed an old woman prisoner who turned out to be a witch, because ‘no good deed…’

According to her (and why would a witch lie?) she and the Elder had worked out some kind of deal for a constant albeit meager supply of medicinal herbs. The details were sketchy but in her view, he reneged on it by sending us, the outsiders, to seize the cache stockpiled by the gobbos. (Hey, we just work here. Nobody tells us anything.)

So our last session ended with her getting all pissy and invisible, wounding the Knight’s squire, then making a hasty exit down a side tunnel. Thoroughly confused and a little miffed at being played, we will head back to town next time to chat with the venerable town councilor. (Matt’s Goblin Warlock magnificently botched a fireball spell in that series of events, but we won’t talk about that.)

So that’s going as well as expected. Props to Neighbor Mike for doing an outstanding job GMing this herd of cats.


Because everyone needs to pillage now and then.

Ravenfeast, the awesome little wargame of Viking skirmishes, also hit the CCWC tabletop recently. Our first foray into Scandi-carnage, two stock war bands went at it in the shadow of the Drageskallen. No objectives, no nuance, no real tactics – just a straight up brawl to come to grips with the rules.

First time playing, we fudged a few things, flipped through the book a lot, eventually got the hang of it, but the consensus was it is a great little game definitely worth more attention and table time – plus it’s the perfect excuse to buy Viking miniatures – so the runes foresee more berserking in our future.

That’s it for now. I’ll leave you with an illustration from the upcoming alien invasion game, Insurgent Earth. (Playtest Battle Report coming soon.)

We snuck into Briarwood last night. It was eerie, creeping across the golf course, past all those empty McMansions.

It was crazy dangerous too. There were drones everywhere, the creepy little ones with all the arms.

Scared as I was, all I could think was how I used to want to live there, you know, before. Weird, right?

Have a big Colonial with a pool and a view of the fairway…

Now I sleep in a basement in an abandoned tenement off 8th St. and thank God every day for all that ugly anonymous brick and concrete over my head.

Excerpt from The Resistance Diaries

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