Hounds, Curs, and Mongrels


Still desperately seeking Sotet Kez, the Pact moved into the Wilds. A day’s journey brought them to the ruins of monastery dedicated to St. Anthony the Abbot. (Patron of Swineherds and Gravediggers) There, they found the sacred site profaned by vile death totems, crude stone pillars festooned with skulls and marked by vile glyphs daubed in blood.

About what you’d expect, pursuing a disgraced chamberlain turned to the black arts, right?

L->R: Tracker, Blade, Mancer, Mancer, Alchemist.

The land must be reconsecrated before the hunt can continue. The pillars must be destroyed. A pack of Gnolls has claimed the area as their own, however. No sooner do our heroes advance on the crumbling chapel than their hunting beasts lope from the woods, all bristles, fangs, and leathery hide.

Short, sharp fights break out on the left and right. Other Pat’s Mancer stays in the center, ready to support either group. Good rolls and tag-team attacks mean the beasts go down to shot, spell, blade, and bolt.

The Blade takes down the first pillar on the left while John’s Mancer starts hacking away at the one on the right. The Pact is off to a good start.

No rest for the righteous. Howls echo off the moss-covered masonry – the second wave of Minions arrive: beasts and hulking Hyena-men.

Despite the incoming enemies, the Pact keeps their eyes on the objective. Other Pat’s Mancer moves to support Matt’s Alchemist as John’s character (slowly) makes his way to the final totem.

On the right, the Mancer/Alchemist combo makes quick work of the Gnolls. But the Blade and Tracker get stuck in a nasty brawl.

John’s Mancer must have gout or arthritis or something, because he creeps along at a snail’s pace, flubbing his Move rolls.

Finally, he reaches the third pillar. He’s hammering away, dismantling the profane totem, when the Portal to his front shimmers… a grotesque, sinewy beast emerges.

The stench of meat rot and dirt fills the air. The creature steadies itself, its long claws flex and twitch. A fanged tongue lashes out, tastes the air, serpent-like. Then, a gurgling hiss.

It charges.

John’s Mancer promptly shits his knickers. He stands his ground but he’s not happy about the odds here.

Thankfully, Matt’s Alchemist and Other Pat’s Mancer followed in a rare instance of ‘just-in-case’. There’s a massive flurry of Arcane Blast and shotgun slugs. The creature’s chitinous shell deflects the first few shots but it cannot hold against combined, continuous firepower.

The third pillar falls. The area is cleansed. The hunt continues.


Nice, straightforward battle at the end of an incredibly busy work day for all of us. So busy in fact, we considered skipping the session.

But this is the kind of thing Nightwatch was made for; an easy set up, fast play, low drag set of rules.

Turned out to be a good game with good friends. And that’s what it’s all about for me.

Have an excellent day. Go slay a monster.


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  1. Great stuff once again, and glad you guys didn’t pass up the chance to get those amazing looking figures on the table. Thanks for sharing.

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