Initiate Hostile Takeover

Pleased to announce HARDWIRED: HOSTILE TAKEOVER is now available.

The third Hardwired rule book, Hostile Takeover is set against the same gritty, cyberpunk backdrop, only now players have the opportunity to command their own security force in the midst of a corporate war.

In HW:HT, your elite Agents command small, multi-model tactical units: fire teams of troopers, pods of gun drones, individual specialists, and customized heavy support units. These Agents and Tactical Units will form the assault teams you deploy all across the urban sprawl as you plan, maneuver, and fight to take over your rival’s corporate headquarters.

Now you can get all those random cool cyberpunk miniatures into action in one-of Sprawl Skirmishes or in a full-blown Corporate War campaign, tracking resources, victories, and defeats on a campaign map.

Either way, Hardwired: Hostile Takeover keeps the fast play mechanics, the open-miniature character creation, and shallow learning curve of the original game. Now as then, the goal is to provide a fun, inexpensive game for those sessions where you’re short on time and just want to start rolling dice with your friends. Select your coolest miniatures, set up your terrain, and start dropping corporate baddies. It’s time to seize the future by any means necessary.

Thanks and Enjoy.


PDF: Wargame Vault

PRINT: Amazon

2 responses to “Initiate Hostile Takeover”

  1. I picked the PDF up over the weekend, but haven’t had a chance to look at it yet. I’m looking forward to it.

    Good luck with the release!

  2. Thanks Paul.
    Feel like I should have sent you a pre-release copy. Sorry ’bout that. (altho I’m trying not to lose my mind, watching the news here lately)

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