Nightwatch: Escorting Duke Lorrigan

Quick video I made from last Tuesday’s game session. A small Pact of three Hunters and two hired fighters escorts the honorable Duke Lorrigan through treacherous territory.

One of the beta readers said Nightwatch reminded him of the PC game Vermintide, where your squad faces waves of Skaven (rat men) as they work to accomplish missions.

Three important lessons from Tuesday’s game:

1. Alchemists and their grenados are handy, particularly when the vermin swarm. (the group didn’t bring one and the absence was keenly noted)

2. You need Tanks. AOE spells and grenades are useful but Blades in Heavy Armor are worth their weight in gold. When things get up close and personal, they soak up damage, deal out punishment, and equipped with Healing Potions, they get up and keep going.

3. Longbow + High Ground. Extended Range trait is very helpful.

Remember, when you’re pressed for time and want a fast and fun monster hunting game, NIGHTWATCH is available at Amazon and Wargame Vault.

That’s it. Short and simple. Have a good weekend.

In Tenebris, Venari

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