Miniature Monday

Another Monday and the tide of evil continues to roll in.

Today’s war band consists of a creepy Necromancer who apparently still gets his hands dirty digging up his own material. (It’s hard to find good help these days. Apprentices sign on, think they can skip Cadaver Assembly and go straight to Reanimation. *tsk, tsk, tsk*)

He’s backed up by a Ghast and three Ghouls.

Kind of a one-trick pony, the spell-heavy Caster messes with the opponents from a distance, relies on the Ghast to take hits for him, while the Ghouls to charge in fast and nasty.

The Necromancer has a erm, pet skeleton warrior to help out in case anyone gets too close.

All Reaper, all metal, all ready to take on meddling do-gooders.

Oh and here’s some spare Orcs. I’m keeping an eye on eBay for a couple more to bring the total to five.

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