Miniature Monday

Another Monday warband, Baddies this time. These guys never got named in our previous games and I’m fighting the urge to get alliterative right now and call them something like “Ruinwyrm’s Red Raiders” or “Cryptwail’s Crimson Company”.

All Reaper, all metal, there’s a chunky, massively armored warrior with a commissar helmet on the left. Political Officer Morgan Deathrattle of the Seven Hells, perhaps?

Then there’s a Chaos Barbarian, a Death Priest trying to be coy with a spike mace, a Hellhound, and a “Look at me, I’m an evil Viking!” fighter. Normally parted out or paired up to lead bulk minions, they’re brutal, armored, and between the caster’s spells and the puppy’s speed, make a surprisingly effective chaos war band.

That’s it for now. Thanks for looking and have a great week.

2 responses to “Miniature Monday”

  1. I see you are up to your “Well Beyond table top quality” paint work as usual Sir

  2. Thanks, man. Glad you like them.

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