Miniature Monday

Another Miniature Monday Adventuring Crew. This time it’s Hrodor Half-Hand’s Raiders. All metal, all Reaper, all fast-and-dirty PJs.

“In your face melee” types in true Barbarian style. (except the Druid-style mage) No cowardly ranged weapons here. Berserker Rage, anyone?

Our Advanced Song of Blades and Heroes campaign continues this Tuesday night as the crew hunts for relics and artifacts in th foot hills outside Plainsworth. They need to boost the morale in the battered army. Perhaps find something that will give them an edge in their desperate fight against the Cinder King’s hordes.

That’s it for now. There’s another batch of adventurers coming next week. Game on.

2 responses to “Miniature Monday”

  1. That’s a nice looking band of barbarians! The painting style fits them really well I think.

  2. Thanks man.

    Yes, my painting style is definitely more “Grubby Norseman” than Competition Level. 😉

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