Dark Spawn

Vermin, Horde, Terror, and Atrocity, all by Reaper Bones

One of the criticisms of Nightwatch Terror and Treasure was that the enemy minions were homogenized. Totally fair assessment. Sure, the different levels and die types gave escalating degrees of lethality, but there was no difference between, say, Vermin of one type or another. A Plague Rat was a Zombie Peasant was a Cave Spider was a Dire Bat.

Even better, Vermin level minions choose one trait, Horde pick two, and Terrors can select three.

Now, whether your Hunters are fighting mummies and scorpions in a fantasy Arabia, wolves and bats in Transylvania, or fish men and cultists in Innsmouth, you can make your enemies distinct and dangerous.

Nothing like a BBEG (Big Bad Evil Guy/Gal) to finish off your campaign. In Blood and Bone, the malevolent mastermind behind all that misery and mayhem can select any two monster traits, plus one special skill exclusive to their class.

Designed with paced, narrative campaigns in mind, BnB’s mix-n-match menus allow players to stat out a huge variety of miniatures. So whether they’re from a board game, a Kickstarter that stretch-goaled into a mountain of plastic, figs from another game/another manufacturer, or just a set of outrageously cool 3D prints you found online, this is a fast, easy way to get them on the table into the action.

Next up: Combat!

11 responses to “Dark Spawn”

  1. The monster in the last picture is INSANELY creepy

    1. yes, he is. A ‘Nightwalker’, IIRC

    2. Those models are huge

  2. Loverly, I do like my wargame rules to be deadtree, looking forward to making my evil minions even my evil!

  3. Wonderful selection of minis there.



    1. That’s it right there: I’m just a guy with a huge assortment of minis – who writes rules so he can use them on the tabletop.

  4. Could you please create an updated version of standard Nightwatch with those new rules please (and any useful for such an update)? That way people who want a pure solo experience or have no one to play with could also enjoy changes from B&B which is dedicated to co-op rather than solo gaming.

    1. Hi Mateusz,
      Thanks for stopping by.
      Not sure what you’re asking here. Blood and Bone IS an updated, expanded version of Nightwatch. I’m not in a position to re-write and release a third iteration of the game. Terror and Treasure still works fine for solo gamers. The changes and additions to Blood and Bone reflect its cooperative game play.

      1. What I meant is a new, updated version (second edition would be too much of a name I think) of Terror and Treasure, including such a rules as above, allowing Dark Spawn units to be customizable, unlike the current version. Blood and Bone is a co-op only (unless I am mistaken) of Terror and Treasure so it is not really an update but a different game, made only for those willing to have a co-op/GM directed campaign.

      2. I’m not going to be changing or updating Terror and Treasure. However, I can put together a small document with several of the key changes such as the Monster Trait menu and the new Combat/Dodge Defend rules. I’ll put it on the To Do List and get it done before the end of the year. That work?

      3. Yes, thank you 🙂

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