Mork Borg Minis

If someone dropped two tabs of ‘Snoopy with Sunglasses’ to binge-watch Lord of the Rings (extended version) while listening to Swedish Death Metal, you’d get Mork Borg, the role playing game. That’s what it feels like to me, anyway.

Like kids in a candy shop, our game group bounces around and wants to try new things all the time. That in mind, John S. expressed his willingness to learn and GM an adventure or three of MB to take the system for a test drive.

Not exactly the typical Euro-fantasy vibe, of course I had to hunt down appropriate miniatures. (Reaper figs just will not do, will they?) Long story short, I ended up at the deliciously twisted Bestiarum Miniatures website. One of the few without a new-fangled 3d printer, I found licensed sellers on Etsy and picked up a scattering of player character types and adversaries. A few weeks and a number of sessions at the painting desk slapping on fast-n-dirty paint jobs, they’re finally complete.


Is anyone heroic in MB? Guess I’ll find out for certain soon enough, but it sure doesn’t look like it glancing through the bare bones rule book. That in mind, I gathered shadow versions of the usual suspects: mage, barbarian, fighter, paladin, ranger with companion, cleric, and monk.


Much easier to locate minis in this category. (there were so many options…) I settled on mixed-force of Creatures and Hell-Knights. With a pair of BBEGs to tighten the screws just a little more.


Is anyone truly neutral in MB? Don’t know, but the Centaur Shaman and Leonine Gladiator were too cool to pass on. Maybe they’ll help the party, right?


The prints were crisp with minimal clean up. Not that I spent a lot of time on the brushwork, but they took paint well and came out good enough. Put ’em on a game mat with terrain, they’re more than adequate.

My concern is that resin is delicate and brittle to begin with. Now these figs have fantastic detail and dynamic, but they are very spindly. In fact, several arrived broken at the wrists and ankles. Nothing a dab of Zap-a-Gap won’t fix, but I have to be particularly cautious with these. (another reason I curmudgeonly cling to chunky old-school metal minis) We’ll see how they hold up to table time.


New game space = full schedule. (If you build it, they will come...) Forbidden Lands, Mork Borg, an extended Nightwatch campaign, ongoing Insurgent Earth missions, When Nightmares Come playtesting… Lots of miniature goodness in the future.

Thanks for stopping by. Have an excellent week.

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  1. Those huge… things at the rear of the bad guy forces are great, perfect for the Mörk Borg vibe!

    There is a dedicated Mörk Borg skirmish miniature game too, “Forbidden Psalm”, which is worth a look even if it only to generate some hilariously awful PCs.

    I hope that the games are a few giggles.

    1. Forbidden Psalm? Nice. I’ll look into it.
      Yes, I hope we get some kicks out of MB. It looks bat sh*t crazy.

  2. Those look really good- very twisted and derranged in a good way.

    I’m looking forward to the cyberpunk themed RPG from the same people.



    1. Yes. both John and I backed Cy Borg. We’re looking forward to it. I’ll let you know how the games go.

      1. Excellent- I look forward to hearing about your sessions.



  3. Excellent pieces. very diffferent.

    I’m like you, I too favour metal minis, I’ve had the same problems with brittle resin.

    Looking forward to your next post.

  4. […] MORK BORG Minis @ Stalker7 – So, first of all, I love the opening description of MORK BORG: “If someone dropped two tabs of ‘Snoopy with Sunglasses’ to binge-watch Lord of the Rings (extended version) while listening to Swedish Death Metal, you’d get Mork Borg, the role playing game.” Spot on! The miniatures are lovely. There are so many satisfyingly dark and twisted minis in here, and the paint jobs are very fitting. […]

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