Recent Brushwork

Lots of things going on in life, in the world. “Juggling” may be a life skill but miniature painting centers me. For that alone, I don’t do it often enough.

I have managed to get color on a few figs though. Mostly assembly line/speed paint jobs, but it gets minis on the table, so I’m happy.

Reaper Fantasy

The Bones figs are getting better. Bones Black, Bones USA… whatever they call ’em. Still have to deal with bendy swords and spears, but less so. Slapped paint on a Rogue, an Elf dual-wield Fighter, a Wildfolk Ranger, and a passle of Stunties.

I’d planned on running Dwarf characters exclusively in an indie RPG, but after a couple sessions the group decided it wasn’t a good fit. No harm, no foul. There are too many excellent options these days to linger or mod it. I’m sure the Stunties will see table time some other way.

Speaking of other RPGS

Other Pat and I backed Cy_Borg, Johan Nohr’s Cyberpunk version of the deliciously twisted, dark fantasy Mork Borg game. Because cyberpunk, right? Having heard that, John the Newly Married picked up MB to introduce the system and style to the group.

Of course normal miniatures just won’t do. (have you seen MB’s artwork? It’s Nordic Death Metal on LSD) So I did one of my favorite things: went hunting for appropriate minis.

Didn’t take long before I stumbled across Bestiarum. “Yeah, those’ll do.”

First small batch is done.

Terrain might be a problem. Or I could just take a blowtorch to some of my lesser-used fantasy pieces… Either way, we’re gearing up for John to GM an introductory mini-campaign. Photos when it happens.

Random Encounters

A couple more for those weird little narrative twists. A traveling merchant, a troll musician, and a mercenary barbarian.


Game-wise, we’re going to try Eclipse Phase 2.0 very soon. Ultra-cool setting. Very, very crunchy rule system. TBH, it might be too crunchy. We’ll see. I wrote up a simple three-act for it though as well as collected some very cool minis from several sources, so we have to put it through it’s paces. If only to get the minis on the table. I’ll post photos of them soon.

Until then, have an excellent day.

8 responses to “Recent Brushwork”

  1. Love the stuff you’ve made for Mork Borg.

    I want to get the Cyberpunk version myself… sadly I didn’t back it.



    1. Pete, do I have your email?

  2. Nice work! I backed the Mork Borg minis Kickstarter earlier this year, so I’ve got 20+ sanity-warping figures coming soon to match up with that insane game.

    1. MB figs KS? I completely missed that. Who sculpted them? Any pictures, renders?

      1. whoa… those are batsh*t crazy

  3. I really like the new Reaper plastic miniatures. I love their metal minis, but hate assembly.

    1. I think they’re great for bulk goons but want character figs to be metal. I’ve been a metal snob too long now to change my old-school grognard ways.

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