NIGHTWATCH, the solo/co-op monster hunting game, features four types of Hunters: Blades, Trackers, Alchemists, and Mancers. Today’s Guild spotlight is on the Mancers.

Sorcerer, Mage, Wizard, Caster, Conjuror, Occultist… the names are as varied as the types of magic they wield and the times and places they dwell, but we’re talking about spellcasters. Magicians that hunt monsters.

Not all monsters are mindless, ravenous beasts. Many employ sorcery and magical arts, these made all the more dangerous by a dark intellect and cruel nature. To face this threat head on, the Mancer Guild trains their members to wield arcane powers and channel the primal forces of the elements to deadly effect.

While decent fighters in a pinch, Mancers are better suited as a hunting party’s ‘heavy support’. Able to choose from ten powerful spells, they can function as a vital part of an aggressive strategy with Mage Bolt or Primal Fury; as the keystone of a defense with Arcane Armor and Mancer Barrier; or as healers with multiple Heal and Resurrect spells.

Each Mancer is equipped with a Grimoire, a 13 page spell book they can fill with whatever spells they want prior to the mission. A player can mix-n-match this ‘Baker’s Dozen’ with any number and combination from the master spell list in the NIGHTWATCH book.

Players may take as many of a certain type as they want, so long as the total doesn’t exceed thirteen. But remember, a Mancer’s spells disappear from their Grimoire when cast, so once a particular type is gone, it’s gone for the remainder of the game. Be sure to give serious consideration to the objectives and types of foes you and your comrades will face on your next mission when making your choice.

A final note about Mancer miniatures: they don’t necessarily need to look like the robed, bookish, wizardy type. With Guild, Armor, Weapon, and Equipment options, NIGHTWATCH allows you to stat out just about any fantasy-themed fig in whatever role your imagination can conjure up. Partial to a Ranger-type fig but want her to have Druid-like powers? (and an Animal Companion?) Can do. Thinking of a Plate-Armored Inquisitor with a massive warhammer who can smite the foul minions of darkness? You can make that happen.

Your Hunting Party can follow the traditional Tolkien High Fantasy template. Or you can create a Pact of anti-heroes; misfits, scoundrels, and outcasts rejected by society but honor-bound to bring vengeance on creatures far more evil than themselves.

Your Hunt – Your Call. Until next time

In Tenebris, Venari (“In darkness, we hunt.”)

Thanks for looking. If you’re interested, NIGHTWATCH is available as a PDF at Wargame Vault or in Print at Amazon.

Have an excellent day.

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