New Recruits and Comparison Shots

With ZONA ALFA slated for release next month, I’ve been painting and modifying miniatures to equip my Zone crews. I need plenty of warm bodies (and ammo ) if I’m going to clear those Hot Spots and turn a profit. Here are several recent recruits:

Nothing fancy or complicated, they’re a mix of Assault Group, Eureka, Tiny Terrain and Footsore USA figs with head swaps and bits added to their belt webbing and bases. Military gear with a bit of character and debris, that works for me

I also wanted to post a comparison shot of various miniatures. Your Zone can be anywhere, any time, so sue what you have and what you want, but here are a few of mine, lined up so you can see the differences. (*hs = head swap)

L->R Lead Adventure, Crooked Dice (hs), Pig Iron (hs, ws), Tiny Terrain Models, Eureka (hs), Anvil Industries, and Footsore USA (hs).

Some close-ups:

You can see the variations in height, heft, and build across the different ranges. Of course not everyone is the same height and weight, but if you don’t like mixing ranges and aesthetics, you should stick with ones that match well in your eyes.

More to do to get ready for my next Zone Run. Good hunting, comrades.

PS: if you need any painted figs for Christmas, take a look on the FOR SALE section. I’m setting the funds aside to take time off from the glass studio to work on writing and wargaming projects. Thanks.

17 thoughts on “New Recruits and Comparison Shots

      1. I got them from Elhiem. They do a nice range of spare heads including gas masks. I got some Russian and Western style ones to mix and match with some irregular style troops.



  1. Next month? Oops. Mine arrived last week, from some random eBay seller.

    It seems like a neat game though and I’m looking forward to trying it out.

      1. Looks like a small-scale bookseller in the UK, they’re running off a gmail address and their business name is their initials.

        If you’re interested in more details than that, fun fact: you can search eBay for an item, in this case “Zona Alfa” (in quotes to filter out the irrelevant car parts) and set the search filter to show completed auctions and sold items.

  2. This stuff looks great. I just ordered the 1980s US military in MOPP gear and Soviets in NBC suits from Eureka USA. Have you ever used those? I thought thy would be good for the game.
    I’m excited for the rules to ship in January!

  3. I love Eureka figs. Never used the US or Sov NBC suits tho. (*glances around, guilty*) I have too many miniatures already.

    Send pictures when yours are done.

    Happy New Year.

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