Miniature Monday

Another Monday, another Warband. This one a party of Dark Templars – heavily armored knights led by a fanatical Cleric who knows the righteous are only truly purified by fire and suffering.

They are the righteous fist of the True Gods, delivering fury, wrath, and judgment to the heretic, the witch, and the blasphemer.

All Reaper, all metal, all table top ready. That’s it for now. More next Monday.

Have an excellent day.

6 responses to “Miniature Monday”

  1. Really liking that classic combination of red and black, works wonders here!

  2. Thank you. Simple paint scheme not only allowed my to get them done quickly but gave them an ambiguous menace so they can work either with or against the players.

  3. Amazing paint work!

    1. That’s kind of you to say. I’m a table top quality painter at best but sometimes it works really well on certain figures.

  4. I would say you are way better than “Table top quality” my friend

  5. Thank you. Really.

    Thing is, my goal is to get them looking good on the table for the game. Not for competition or display. Occasionally I spend more time on certain characters or sets of figures, but I primarily stick with the simple ‘base colors, wash, highlight/pick details’ process.

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