Been extremely busy with work lately, plus I’m clawing my way to some writing-related deadlines, but I wanted to announce I’ve begun revising our club’s Cyberpunk-themed, cooperative game with a mind to release it commercially.

It’s a fast, straightforward game that can be played solo or co-op with friends. HARDWIRED is easy to teach, easy to play, and is designed so players can use any suitable miniatures in their collection. Stat out your favorite Chrome-and-Mirrorshades minis, set up terrain, pick a mission, and enjoy the carnage.

Front and back cover art is done and I have commissioned several pieces of original artwork for the interior. We’ll be running play test games soon, testing new Gear and a brand new type of Agent. (a Shiver) Pictures to follow soonish.

(note to self: contact various miniatures companies to get permission to use photos of their figs. )

Release is slated for end of Q2/early Q3.

Have an excellent day.

3 thoughts on “Incoming: HARDWIRED

  1. Been doing a bit of online searching about using pictures of figs and terrain from my personal collection in a (however small) commercial product. From what I can determine, it seems even though I have purchased and painted them myself, and am not requesting or suggesting any official endorsement or affiliation, using them in that matter can be considered infringement. Hunh.

    Having seen examples in other generic rules sets, (Song of Blades and Heroes, Future War Commander, Tomorrow’s War, and Dragon Rampant come to mind) I figured it wasn’t that much of an issue. So long as there was the courtesy of notifications attributions, and a clear statement regarding the game’s non-official/not affiliated status, I thought it was OK. Well, there I go, thinking again.

    So it looks like I will either obtain permission from the manufacturers or refrain and go another route. OK.

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