Recent brushwork

Juggling too many plates (Tis the season, I suppose) but we finished up our Post Apoc campaign. Matt and Derek battled the undead and a shedload of muties in the Necropolis of San Domingo to emerge as champions of the wasteland. So well done.

We’ll be playing some pickup games of Fistful of Kung Fu while I get color on the (now rather large) assortment of fantasy figs for 2016’s Song of Blades and Heroes campaign.

In the meantime, here are some of the newer pjs from the paint desk.

  1. Reinforcements for the Bughunter crew. (Reaper Chronoscope IMEF)
New Medic and Trooper
Full BugHunter crew
Old SST Grizzly suits


2. Cyberpunk Bounty Hunter recruits

Bounty hunters. Middle fig is the latest. Did a head swap and left off the flaring trench coat.
One of the new Infinity Aleph figs. Very cool.


3. Some figs for the upcoming Fistful games




That’s it for now. More as I finish. Have a great day.

4 responses to “Recent brushwork”

  1. Great stuff – love the Humungous and SST suits in particular!

    1. Thanks man. I think the Grizzlies are particularly cool.

  2. Excellent scenery and the paintjob is also very good. My favourites are the Bounty Hunters

    1. Thank you. I’m partial to the bounty hunters myself. I enjoy hunting for appropriate character-ful figs.

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