The Hunt for Sotet Kez


A quick NW three-act to fill the sessions between play test games and longer RPG campaigns, the CCWC decided it was time to hunt down a disgraced former chamberlain – Orban Groz – who had been accused of sedition and treachery against his King.

Groz escaped the palace before he could be arrested then disappeared into the wild border province of Raminicu. There, rumor has it, he began plotting his revenge, dabbling in the Black Arts, and started calling himself ‘Sotet Kez’. (‘Dark Hand‘ in the Old Tongue. *sheesh* hang a lantern on it, why don’t you?)

At first, Guild spies dismissed him as another grasping and ambitious civil servant, exiled and bitter. But recent reports of grave robbery, unsavory alliances, and necromancy have brought him to the attention of the Nightwatch. Guild masters dispatched a Pact to investigate this potential threat, and if necessary, eliminate it.

The last sighting of Groz/Kez was a nameless village in the foot hills of the Adanc mountains. Here is where the hunt starts.


Simple set up: 3 x 3 area, a few scattered buildings, three locations that need to be searched for clues, and four portals. Modified spawning to accommodate a limited number of Vermin models. To compensate, a pair of D8 Horde and a D8 Horde personality were added to spice things up.

Pact, Village, and Objectives.


An eerie stillness lay over the village like a pall of smoke from a crematorium. The Pact advances into this strange silence, the Blade and Tracker shift left while the Mancer and Alchemist (in very heavy armor and a shield) trundle to the village center where stands a Statue to an Unknown Halfling.

A chilling howl echoes through the trees. It is answered and repeated. A heartbeat later, rabid wolves lope from the shadows between the empty houses.


Blade and bolt, spell and shot, the first wave of wolves is swiftly dispatched. The point of interest at the village apothecary is searched. It turns up a few common potions, but no clue. The Mancer and the Alchemist decide to hold the center while the Blade and Tracker approach the second possible location.

Ah, but here comes the welcoming committee. A very big welcome it is. Nasty fights break out all through the village square. A combination of sheer numbers and a few bad rolls means the Hunters are hard pressed. It’s not until the Alchemist stops trying to shoot his way clear and rummages through his satchel for a grenado, that the pressure eases up. (*cough, cough* about time, Matt. *cough, cough*)

For a moment, anyway.


The few remaining ‘villagers’ are handled by the Blade and the Alchemist. The Tracker makes it to the second objective in the Inn. He finds a few tokens but no clue. He turns to a large farm house on the right. “It’s always the last place you look, isn’t it?”

He starts down the steps as a pair of hedge-born, cadaverous fustilugs arrive. These are D8 horde minions with good dice rolls. Hilarity ensues.

It takes some serious tag team work to bring them down. And a few wounds. But eventually, they fall.

thank the gods for heavy armor plus a shield

As the last of the pus-bucket carrion lumps falls with a groan, the last portal shimmers and out steps the final adversary: an undead troll with a pair of scything cleavers.

It charges the Mancer, who stands his ground at the foot of the statue. It lands two solid hits, but incredible Dodge Defend rolls means he’s still upright when the dust settles.

The other hunters rush to assist, but he waves them off. “I got this.” Can you say “Superior Arcane Mage Bolt” ? It takes all four, but the brute finally falls.

The Alchemist makes his way to the farm house as silence settles over the little village again. Time to count the bounties, roll for any silver and tokens, then check to see if we found an artifact. (We did: Adder’s Kiss – the enchanted dagger)

Game over, baby.


Nightwatch did what it was supposed to do: let us slot in assorted cool miniatures and get in a quick fun game. It was a chance to hang out while the little men brawl on the table. I call that a good night.

More AARs coming soon. Remember, you can pick up your own copy of Nightwatch HERE or HERE

Thanks for stopping by. Game hard. Good hunting.

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  1. Looks fun! I have yet to get Nightwatch on the table but I’m looking forward to it.

    1. Thank you. It’s a simple game but it adjusts to nearly any setting or narrative you want. You can scale it so your Hunters fight waves of baddies, or layer on more detail to fight extended battles against specific and personalized threats.

  2. That looks great fun. Can’t beat a quick little skirmish like that.



    1. Thanks. Yes, it was fun. And after last night, I have act 2 to write up.

  3. Another excellent report. Thanks again!

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