Cockroach 2 in Tarrytown


cover mock up. not final

Play tested Cape Cod Wargaming’s latest project last night. A Rescue Mission in old Tarrytown where a lone survivor sent out a frantic call for help on the police radio frequency. An alien patrol closing in, we dispatched a 4-person team to find him and bring him to safety.

Taking cues from excellent sources like War of the Worlds, X-Com, Colony, Captive State, and Falling Skies, Resistance: Earth is a Solo/Cooperative rule set about survival and combat against an overwhelming alien invasion. Built on the Hardwired dice mechanics and enhanced with RPG elements, players take the role of a band of survivors who gather resources, explore, and gain experience, all to eventually form an effective resistance cell that can take the fight to the aliens.

With the game in development, this post is more a light Infomercial than in-depth AAR but just like Hardwired and Nightwatch, players will be able to make unique characters matched to their favorite miniatures. Begin by choosing a starting class (Civilian or Soldier) and then select from a menu of passive Abilities, learned Skills, and all-important weapons and equipment. With a sturdy A.I. for the alien invaders, random incidents for each mission area, character advancement and a narrative campaign system, Resistance: Earth offers an opportunity for solo or cooperative games set anywhere and any time against your favorite Alien Overlords.

Our team (call sign Cockroach 2) was composed of two Soldiers and two Civilians who leapfrogged through the deserted streets and buildings, checking various Points of Interest not only for the survivor, but any valuable supplies and gear. With the clock ticking, a xeno patrol in the area, and unsure where the survivor was hiding, we had to juggle movement, overwatch, searching, and salvaging, grabbing what we could before inevitable contact and combat.

Decent dice rolls, lucky draws on the Event Deck, and methodical tactics meant a successful mission. The Survivor was located and escorted out of the area in one piece. Not only that, we scrounged up some standard supplies, medicine, chemicals, and a nice piece of special kit. (utility vest = more equipment slots) We lived another day and killed some xeno scum.

Another mission next week to a more active area. New location means new enemies, but greater risks mean greater rewards.

That’s it for now. Thanks for looking. Have a good week and game hard.

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  1. This looks like it will be fantastic.



    1. Thanks Pete.
      I’m taking care to graft in the RPG elements correctly so as to not bog down the core game. I think it has legs tho, and should be good fun when it’s complete.

  2. Looks great, can’t wait to play it in my own..

  3. Nice idea. I will look for it.

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