Corporate War

Coming soon to a Sprawl near you!

The latest HARDWIRED rule book, HOSTILE TAKEOVER shifts the game focus away from cooperative or solo mode and offers players the opportunity to command their own security force in the midst of a corporate war.

Now, your elite Agents command small, multi-model tactical units: fire teams of troopers, pods of gun drones, individual specialists, and customized heavy support units. These Agents and Tactical Units will form the assault teams you deploy all across the urban sprawl as you plan, maneuver, and fight to take control of your rival’s corporate headquarters.

An easy to learn, fast play, open miniature table top war game for 15-28mm miniatures set in a gritty cyberpunk future.

Now available in PDF at Wargame Vault. Print version coming soon at Amazon.

Thank you and good gaming.

2 responses to “Corporate War”

  1. Really looking forward to this one- any eta on when it will get to Amazon UK?



  2. Hi Pete.
    I’m working on the print version next. The cover is giving me trouble but I’ll win eventually. Kindle is optimized for text-only documents, books. It hates – and I do mean ‘hates’ – anything with inline images, tables, charts and such. Like rule books. So I need to make a separate version for Kindle. That’s third on the list and will take some time.
    But I’ll get there.
    Happy New Year, BTW.

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