Goretusk’s Totems


I’ve been using Nightwatch to teach my two eldest grandsons the basics of wargaming and RPGs. Set piece, straight forward battles rather than complex missions with waves of enemies spawning at random from portals.

Here, their Monster Hunters (and occasional Hirelings) fight Minions of Darkness led by a ‘Personality’, which isn’t a full blown Atrocity level Boss but rather a high-level minion with two wounds and one appropriate monster Trait.

This is a second-in-command monster, a mini-Boss they can take down if they work together.


Ork warchief Largash Goretusk has been looking to expand his clan’s territory into the unclaimed timber lands that lay between his domain and the Empire. Goretusk sends out raiding parties to clear an area of any witnesses – human settlers, hunters, or trackers – before they build clan totems. These vile, savage constructs act as new boundary markers as well as foci of primal power. Once established, orks move in and begin the process again.

A Pact of four Guild Hunters caught wind of one such ork incursion and went to stop the raiders. It was too late for any unfortunates who had happened to be in the area, but the Pact can turn the greenskins back if they destroy the totems before they take root.

First Blood

The Pact advances into the area with the Blade and the Alchemist moving left as the two Trackers seek higher ground in the largest section of the ruins. The Orks respond by splitting their forces as well, confident brute strength and cunning will let them feast on the hearts of the puny humans.

The greenskin commander takes two brutes and charges the two ranged specialists in the ruined tower while a trio of warriors weaves their way through rubble toward the Blade and Alchemist. The Blade laughs. The Alchemist readies a grenado.

Combined fire from the Trackers takes down one Brute before they reach the steps. An ork is consumed in a fiery explosion. The Blade positions himself so he can take on one opponent at a time.


The Ork lieutenant barges in front of his soldier and rushes up the steps. The bowman readies for melee while his partner shifts to one side to divide the Orks’ attention and fires her crossbow at the other nearby brute.

Meanwhile the Alchemist makes use of an opening to destroy the first totem and move onto the second as the Blade deals with his attackers one by one. (exceptional dice rolls by the Blade here)

Enraged, the Ork lieutenant makes it to the top of the stairs and hacks the poor Tracker with the bow to pieces. His partner watches in horror but catches her self and double loads her crossbow. (special, one-a-game feat) She wants to avenge her comrade.

Firing as she tries to stay out of the monster’s reach, she takes serious damage herself but manages to inflict one wound on the frothing, hulking armored mass. Good but not enough. She retreats.

Opting to keep his eye on the objective and trusting his fellow hunters, the Alchemist advances on the third totem.

Destroyed. With that done, he readies another grenado. No need though. The Blade arrives to protect the surviving Tracker. Covered in gore and speckled in crimson, he bellows his own war cry and charges. An epic brawl ensues. The stuff of legend. Shattering blows are traded. Vicious cuts that would fell trees. The clash of steel and roar of combat echoes off the ancient stones but the Blade prevails and the Ork takes a final wound. He topples in a crash of iron armor and thick muscle.

The battle is won.


A simple, fun game. A nice and easy way to get miniatures on the table and start rolling dice. A win for the good guys doesn’t hurt either.

Thanks for stopping by. Have an excellent weekend. Game on.

4 responses to “Goretusk’s Totems”

  1. Well-done, Nightwatch! My copy arrived this week and I’m hoping to play with my wife and daughter soon — although it could well be after Christmas since this season is so busy. Great that you are getting the kids into the hobby!

    1. Thank you. They had fun – which is whole point IMO.
      Good luck with your own games.

  2. That looks like heaps of fun, hopefully just the right thing to hook your grandkids.

    How many minion models did you have access to for this game? Those orruks look fantastic on that lush table.

    I’m really looking forward to playing a few Nightwatch games in 2021.

    1. Thanks.
      Just those six orks… er, orruks. Ah… greenskins. Against four Hunters.

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