Time to put those random, cool Sci-fi miniatures to work.

HARDWIRED is a fast-play, Co-op skirmish game for 15-28mm miniatures. Pick a mission, create a team of Agents, grab your mirrorshades, and go.

…A fast paced Cyberpunk tabletop experience for you and your mates through recognising that gamers with families, obligations, jobs, loaded schedules, etc, rarely have the spare time/energy to invest in learning massive tomes with convoluted game mechanics.

To achieve this he has taken tried and tested game mechanics and assembled them into a sleek co-operative Cyberpunk game that runs off the page with a learning curve that’s practically flatlined. You can read it during your coffee break and be confident of laying on a fun game with your buddies that same evening.

John H. – Amazon reviewer

Now available at Amazon and Wargame Vault.

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13 responses to “GET HARDWIRED”

  1. Is there a FAQ or someone to answer rules questions on BoardGameGeek? THank you! ~ John

    1. Hi John,

      Sorry no. I haven’t made an account/entry for HW at BGG yet. As for a FAQ, it hasn’t been around long enough for there to be any frequent questions. Feel free to contact me here if you have any though.

      1. Hi Patrick, I’m loving the rulebook. Purchased it off of Amazon after I discovered the game on BGG this week due to an image upload I happened to notice.

        Played my first game last night. Seraph Protocol questions. I understand it’s probably up to the players to decided, but was curious if there actual answers in the rulebook to my questions:
        1. What is Van Dorn’s implant’s security level? I played level 3.
        2. Once his guards are incapacitated, does Van Dorn go willingly? How do I move him? I kept him in base-to-base contact

        Thanks for the cool solo/co-op game, Patrick!
        ~ John

  2. Hi John,

    Good Questions.
    I left out/left up Van Dorn’s implant level to the players. (shoulda mentioned that, eh?) Level 3 makes perfect sense.
    Yes, Van Dorn goes willingly. Once the guards are dealt with, he can move during the Agent phase as desired. BtB makes sense but within reach works too. (LOS and say, 2″)

  3. Patrick. If you ever get a desire, join BoardGameGeek. I’ve spread the word about Hardwired a bit and plan to upload images of my play session. There are many skirmish game fans on the site, too. Thanks for answering the questions!
    ~ John

  4. Thank you. I should join – and want to. I wander over there often enough. But I want to participate, contribute, not just pop in to shill my wares. And the internet already sucks a lot of time away from me as it is…

  5. Hi
    Is there separate sheets for QRS and character sheets that I can print off instead of trying to photocopy from the book?

    1. Not yet. I’ll upload them to the HARDWIRED section of the site later this week.

      1. CCGLAZIER, that would be excellent. Maybe even upload them to the files section of BGG, too?

  6. Will do. Good idea.

  7. That’s great.
    Love the rules. Great to see co-op in wargames for a change and not just BoardGames. As you mention l have so many 28mm figures that I bought as they looked cool but no rules to use them with until now. Here comes my complete matrix team!

  8. Nice. Glad I could help.

  9. spacecaptaintoby Avatar

    Hi there,

    I gave Hardwired a go and really enjoyed it. I thought the combination of rising threat levels and damage to agents made for an exciting game. I wrote a review here:

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