Shoot out in a corporate lobby

Corporate wars, shadow ops, cranial jacks, cyber-augmentations… you’ve been here before. You know how this goes.

But familiarity breeds sloppiness and sloppiness will get you dead with a capital ‘P’ for Permanent.  So you’ve got no excuses. You have a team, you have a boss, and that boss gave your team a job. Take whatever you need: weapons, micro-drones, dark-ware, pharma-derms, stealth gear… Just get it done.

Because the particulars may change but the bottom line is the same: bring the package back or don’t come back at all.

Welcome to New Kowloon, 2069. Now get to work.

HARDWIRED is the Cape Cod Wargame Commission’s upcoming game of covert ops in a Cyberpunk future.

Assess the mission, create a team of specialized Agents, and get ready to deploy. Designed for 15 – 28mm miniatures, HARDWIRED is a simple, fast, cooperative game that will have you and your friends running in the shadows, dodging bullets, deploying drones, and hacking hostile networks in no time.

COMING Q3 2019