Song of Ice and Fire miniatures

Always on the look out for good miniatures, a recent thread over at Lead Adventure Forum brought CMON’s new Song of Ice and Fire figs to my attention. (ooooh Shiny!)

Now I’m not GRRM/GoT fan but the paint jobs were very nice, so I wandered over to eBay where I promptly picked up a box each of Ranger Hunters and Sworn Brothers. Slight discount, add shipping, I ended up with 24 figs for about $2 each.

Made for a mass fantasy combat game, each box comes with multiples of the three poses shown. The two-handed swords from the Sworn Brothers set while the Ranger Hunters are, sensibly, archers.

The figs are stiff plastic, not bendy rubber like Reaper Bones or Deep Cuts. Slightly large, maybe 32mm. The detail is nice and the poses are reasonably dynamic. Already assembled and based, I primed the bunch then grabbed one of each and did some fast and dirty pjs. I wanted to get a feel for how they look and paint up.

Now I still need to finish the bases but I’m pleased with how they turned out. IMO, these work great for NPC soldiers, an enemy patrol for example, or even ready-to-go Player Character figs for something like the new Rangers of the Shadow Deep.

This batch is going off to a friend in Western MA for his DnD sessions. The next group of six is on the painting table now and I’ll experiment with different paint schemes. (Could be I’ll even paint a few in black, the way they’re supposed to be.)

A metal snob at heart, I tend toward metal for character figs and use plastic for bulk baddies and NPCs, Reaper Bones being my go-to. However, the recent glut of Miniature-Board Games like Zombicide, Massive Darkness, and The Edge DawnFall have opened my eyes to a huge variety of very good alternatives for plastic miniatures. They’re more expensive than Bones, but the detail is noticeably more crisp and the sculpts are different and interesting. With these two boxes, duplicate poses notwithstanding, I think these offer a fairly cheap way to get some decent, ready assembled figs for your games. I’m glad I got these and I’ll certainly be on the look out for more.

That’s it for now. Have a good rest of the weekend.

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