Big Dog Support for MOUT Force

So I am not posting pix of the previous two game nights because my D10s are traitorous little plastic polyhedrals. It’s as if they instinctively know to roll the exact opposite of whatever target number I need in a particular situation. *5 or less? How’s three 10s hit ya? Muwahahahahahha* Bastards have left my forces strewn in inept, bloody chunks across the battlefield two weeks in a row now. The phrase ‘Never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity’ sums up my tactical acumen.

So… here’s some posed shots of my Pig Iron MOUT force with ‘Big Dog/Pitbull’ support droid. It’s a Reaper CAV ‘Simba’ I found on eBay. A bit big, but seeing as it’s a futuristic variant with light weapons support, it works fine.

MOUTFeb2015 002
Big Dog/Pitbull D:PLS. Droid- Portage and Light Support. “Deeples”. Paint him red and call him Clifford.
MOUTFeb2015 004
At the electrical junction box bunker.
Infantry with Zandris IV battle suit. Get one - You know  want to.
Infantry with Zandris IV battle suit. Get one – You know want to.
MOUT Team Rhino. Smile when you say that.
MOUT Team Gator. Smile when you say that.

Our next game is slated to be a ‘seize the high ground terrain in ruined city’. My worthy opponent will deploy some Infinity Combined Army figs while I’m considering Reaper Chronoscope IMEF Marines with an old SST Grizzly suit. Pictures if I win.

Or at least tie.

Take Care.

oh yeah…

Sniper: they call him 'The Finger of God.'
Sniper: they call him ‘The Finger of God.’

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  1. Those photos are lovely. The Big Dog is a standout, as is the junction box bunker. Do you have any more images of that?

  2. Glad you like them.
    I’ll take pix of both and post ’em here. Try for today but most likely this weekend.


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