Wreck Age – Survival in a Post Apoc World.

Picked up the pdf of Wreck-Age from Wargames Vault the other day, and man, am I impressed. The folks at Hyacinth Games have invested an massive amount of time, thought and work in this and it shows.

Set in a harsh, unique Post-Apocalyptic America, Wreck-Age is one of those hybrid mutants: table top skirmish game and old fashioned Role Playing Game in one package. Most of these creatures are sterile, managing to fill neither roll well. But this… this is something different.

You can find details on the Wreck-Age Website, but simply put, you and your gaming group can introduce any amount of depth and detail you want, from simple table-top miniatures combat all the way to fully-detailed, multi-session RPG campaigns in a wide-open, well-conceived PA environment.

A read-through reveals gorgeous artwork, concise, sensible layout, elegant game mechanics, a distinct variety of player factions/options, traits and abilities, as well as streamlined (but not stupid) character and resource management. If you’re into Post-Apoc gaming and/or RPGs, I definitely think this will scratch that itch.

Personally, finding players around here willing to invest in a rich gaming world like this is going to be tough, but I’m going to canvas the usual suspects and see if I can’t get something started, because it would be well worth it.

Besides, it’ll give me an excuse to pick up some of the excellent figs.

Beware the Stitchmen


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