Turning a corner

Setting up the table for a Saturday afternoon game. This will be Other Pat’s last session with as he is moving his family out of state. Shame to see him go but I completely understand; the job market is tough here and housing prices are absolutely insane. After enduring so many seasonal rentals, a growing family, you can only live with your in-laws for so long…

So, it’s one last go of pizza, seltzer, and miniature carnage. Dress up the table with a new mat, a new GM screen, and some freshly painted 3D minis.

yes, the center piece says ‘Nightwatch’

I’m planning a simple ‘Escort’ mission. All our heroes have to do is help a little old merchant pass through some ruins on the border of greenskin territory. Walk in the park…

For baddies, I’ll dig out some goblins and orks. The intrepid Nightwatch hunters will be chosen from a selection of freshly painted 3D prints.

That’s all for now. Bat Rep when the dust settles.

Have an excellent day.

4 responses to “Turning a corner”

  1. Awesome. Excited to play but sad to see Pat leave.

    1. Me too.
      BTW, I need the log-in info for CCW Insta, please.

  2. The axe guy is my favorite.

    1. He is a beast, eh?
      I’m quite partial to the ranger with the hawk too.

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