New for Exploit Zero

Snitches, Glitches, and DAF Augs is a supplement for the solo/cooperative game, Exploit Zero, Cyberpunk Espionage and Mayhem. You need that core rulebook to get the most out of this material. This is not a stand-alone game.

Inside, you’ll find mission prompts, tables for generating back stories, ways to add complications to your cyberpunk dark ops, and most of all, new, bleeding edge cyber-limbs for your Agents to field test on the table top.

Of course none of this is so proprietary you can’t tweak it and slot it into your favorite mirror shade future. After all, the dark chrome heart of cyberpunk is open source.

Just remember that mega-corps don’t do sympathy and they definitely don’t tolerate failure; you’re deniable, so don’t expect backup if your shiny new black market gear locks up in the middle of a mission.

Which it might.

Good luck.

Now Available at Wargame Vault

Thank and have an excellent day.

4 thoughts on “New for Exploit Zero

  1. Ah, new cyberpunk-fuel! Will there be a printed version like the other supplements?
    Greetings, Danny

    1. Thanks Danny.
      PDF for now. Eventually it will be compiled with other material into a print version.
      But that’s a long minute off.
      take care.

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