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Apologies for the thin content lately but other Real Life things are slowing down enough that I can get back to regular posts here. On that note I wanted to give a quick AAR to last week’s game of NIGHTWATCH – our fast-play monster slaying game.

Our game group is in the midst of yet another adventure into the dark forest of Davokar and the excellent Swedish RPG Symbaroum, but a last minute cancellation by one of the party meant the rest of us did a quick pivot into some dungeon delving and monster killing.

Gathering up some goblins, spider things, and four Hunter characters (each from a different manufacturer) and two low-level meat shields ahem potential Guild recruits, we statted out our miniatures and got to rolling dice ASAP.

The task was simple: destroy the three magic pillars that were sealing the door to the central tomb. Easy, right? Three pillars, four spawning points, one sealed Tomb. Aside from the minor matter of goblin infestation, it should be a snap. Our Heroes entered the gloomy darkness, torches aloft, weapons ready, promptly split the party (always a good plan, right?) and each portion headed off for a bit of arcane iconoclasm.

The Heroes got some decent moves in before the little green biters started swarming in.

Blades in the Deep, Damp, Dark

Like a lot of stuff in life, it doesn’t take long for things to get messy. Goblin mobs chitter and hiss in the dark and it’s not long before they overwhelm the stalwart hirelings and put pressure on our heroes.

Whose idea was it to split the party?

One pillar falls, then a second. Goblins shriek and curse, black blood stains the ancient flagstones, but there’s always more scuttling in right behind them.

Worse, they bring friends. As if Goblin Brats weren’t annoying enough, Scuttlers and Ettercap things show up.


Two pillars down. Both hirelings are dead. More dangerous enemies arrive.

On the left, the Mancer and Tracker fall back, the ‘caster throwing up an Arcane Barrier to buy precious seconds.

On the right, the Blade uses his great axe to good effect, ‘hew and smote’ the official terminology, as the Alchemist heads deeper down a maze of dark, twisty passages toward the third and final pillar.

The Mancer and Tracker make it back to the Central Tomb while the Blade and Alchemist fight for their lives.

It’s an ugly brawl with both the Blade and Alchemist taking serious damage, but eventually they break free and join their comrades. Warding pillars thrown down, the massive stone doors swing open with a wheeze of dust and a deep scraping sound.

Surprise. A Goblin Shaman and huge Brute wait inside. Fortunately, they’re no match for all four Heroes. Glass Cannon in full effect, they shatter after two solid hits.

Time to loot the bodies. And recover the priceless artifacts from the long-forgotten resting place of a legendary king.

Game over, baby.


A quick AAR for Nightwatch – Terror and Treasure in the Dark Corners of the World. If you’re a busy gamer with a decent collection of eclectic fantasy miniatures and looking for a quick way to get your miniatures on the table for a fun game or two, please take a look. It’s a good, fun little game that gets the job done.

We’re back to Symbaroum this week, but there’s some Zona Alfa/Kontraband missions and Insurgent Earth playtests on the radar.

That’s it for now. Thanks for looking. Have an excellent day.

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  1. Wanted to note we added Crit Successes for Hunters. Fends off the grind and keeps the game moving.

    Whenever the highest value on an Action die is rolled naturally, the character receives a bonus. This bonus depends on the action that was attempted.

    If an ATTACK, then the Target suffers a -2 penalty to their Dodge Defend roll.
    If a MOVE action, the player may add up to 2” to that movement.
    If an INTERACT or DODGE DEFEND action, the player receives a free D6 Action dice. This action die should be used immediately and cannot be reserved or carried over to the next activation.

  2. Great looking game. I really do enjoy your reports.

  3. Dude, this game looks great.
    Did you handcraft those dungeon tiles from insulation foam?

    1. Thanks, man.
      Yes, insulation foam, faux stone vinyl stick-on tiles, cardboard, and lots of bits and pieces.

  4. Great looking table as always

    1. Thanks man. Been slogging thru stuff lately. I hope you and yours are well. Merry Christmas, BTW.

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