The Black Blade of Eldia Tempest


Chasing myth and rumor, four Guildsmen – a Blade, a Tracker, an Alchemist, and a Mancer – seek out the ruins of the Orromere monastery . According to legend, the friars were the last keepers of the Black Blade of Eldia Tempest, a pirate and witch who raided the Eastern shores from Colanth to Elberry one hundred years prior. An enchanted weapon from a cruel and powerful mistress, the Order has tasked the Hunters with securing it before the minions of darkness locate it for themselves.

Spawning portals are set on three sides while a fourth sits in the mission area itself. (the small, glowing well on the left) The Hunters enter from the lower left edge.
L->R: Tracker, Mancer, Blade, Alchemist (obviously)

As Initiates, the Hunters will face low-level minions, mostly D6 Vermin. A few of the more dangerous, D8 Horde adversaries will spawn in the final turns.

With good rolls on their action dice, the Hunters maneuver around the desecrated relic, taking down their opponents with ease. (so easy, it was like kicking a puppy – a dead puppy)

Raiders show up in the last few turns and the situation gets precarious as they rush in trying to get the Black Blade for themselves.

Turn count ticking down, it’s an all-out vulgar brawl around the sword. Matt’s Alchemist is flinging grenadoes. Tom’s Tracker is firing arrows Legolas-style as Other Pat’s Mancer looses Arcane Bolts like a man possessed and Max’s Blade is swinging his two-hand axe like a reaper in a wheat field.

The Hunter’s luck continues and they battle it out to the end. It helped that the Mancer and Tracker had clambered atop the ruined corner of the old monastery.

Turn limit reached, the remaining foes flee as Guild reinforcements arrive. The Black Blade is secure. The Nightwatch is victorious.

This time.


That’s it for now.

Stay safe. Stay well. Game on.

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  1. I’m itching to give Nightwatch a go. The handful of Hardwired games that I have played have been fantastic fun, and as I am in the middle of a fantasy, light miniatures RPG style kick at the moment – working on various different types of encounter table/wandering monsters etc, I am definitely the target market.

    I’ll be buying the PDF day one 🙂

    1. Thanks very much. Interested in a preview? LMK and I’ll email a beta version. Gmail me. CCGlazier at

      1. I’ll definitely do that, thanks 🙂

  2. On the way. Thanks

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