Shots from a Dungeon Crawl

Two older grandsons came over last night, and finding me in the basement game room, requested a chance at Fortune and Glory. After some debate, they decided to risk The Tomb of Sagrak the Skeleton King. Selecting a Warrior, a Wizard, a Rogue and a Cleric, they made it as far as the first Treasure room and the Library before Vox Mater spoke from on high and commanded their adventuring cease.

Verily there was much wailing and protest that the world should indeed be ridden of such abominable evil that very same evening, but alas, the Hand of their Mother came heavily upon them. Both her will and her reason were as strong and unyielding as iron. “It’s late and you have school tomorrow.” At those tidings, the two brothers despaired. Downcast, they acquiesced to Her Sacred fiat.

It was then agreed that a record would made of their journey and images wrought of their progress, that upon their return, the quest might be resumed.

Rogue with his crossbow and the Cleric doing some clerical smiting of the undead.

And so it has been done that the saga might continue at some future time.

In conclusion, brethren, it is requested you seek the face of the gods and petition their favor upon the intrepid adventurers, that the divines of miniature combat and adventure would empower these mere mortals to accomplish their bold and dangerous undertaking, and rid the circle of the earth of the unnatural menace known as Sagrak the Skeleton King.

To be continued…

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  1. This dungeon looks great !

    1. Thank you. Simple build actually. The accessories make it pop.

      1. Often the best kind !

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