Accessorizing the Dungeon


Some of you might recall my on-the-cheap modular dungeon made from faux stone vinyl tiles, insulation foam, craft paint, and a weekend’s worth of elbow grease. The Dungeon of Sagra-Bayar.

Well a few months later, plus more paper shields, a Mantic Terrain set, and a rummage through the bitz box, I’ve added more details to the dank, dark underground.

Funny how a few chests, barrels, boxes, and broken lumber can smarten a place up.

There are a few more items on the painting desk, treasure piles mostly, plus I have a selection of based scatter terrain to clutter the narrow corridors even further, but I think it’s good for now.

The dungeon tiles will make an appearance in our upcoming SYMBAROUM mini-campaign. Likely at the climax in the ruins of the ancient Temple-City of Norgoro Karabah. (more on that later)

I’m a fan of Symbaroum. The game play is smooth, allowing the GM to concentrate on the story. It can handle large numbers of players quickly and well. (we have five regulars, plus myself. And a couple occasionals) I’ve built some new terrain and grabbed some new figs just for this story arc. I’m really looking forward to the next 6 – 8 weeks. It’s going to be fun.

This week’s game night is dedicated to Character Creation, so I’ll have info on player characters later. For now, now these lads will pop up at some point.

That’s it for now. Game hard and have a great week.

UPDATE: Purchased a set of Mantic Dungeon Doors from eBay Seller Troll Hoard Games to use as move-able end caps for those pesky open spaces when the modular tiles don’t perfectly align. (which is never, in my experience) Whittle and daub more chunks of insulation, fast and dirty pjs on the doors, and the dungeon is ready for a proper delving. Enjoy.

3 thoughts on “Accessorizing the Dungeon

    1. Thanks. You’re absolutely right; it’s not until I put in those mini-scale details that it started to look ‘right’. I have a hunch I’ll keep adding to it over time. Little here, little there. The trick is to avoid fiddly bits that snap easily.

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