Start: the dungeon of Sagra-Bayar

The modular dungeon of Sagra-Bayar, that is.

Completed the latest round of glass work this weekend and allowed the hobby to take over one of my shop tables for a couple days. Now this idea had been bouncing around my head for a while: 3D dungeon tiles using faux-stone vinyl tiles. Seemed like a fast and simple way to get a sturdy, stone floor. Add a hunk of 1″ insulation foam, some cheap craft paint, a couple paint pens, lots of elbow grease scoring the stone work, and glue.

The result is three 12″x 12″ rooms, six 6″ x 12″ corridors, and eight 6″ x 6″ rooms.


I know there’s lots of detailing yet to be done. I’m going to scour my bits box and the internet for details and banners, and I suspect I’ll want to pick up a couple sets of 28mm scenics and furniture, but I think this is a good start. So far, the project cost less than $50.

More pictures coming as I progress. I’m looking forward to our next dungeon crawl even more now.

Have a great day.

8 responses to “Start: the dungeon of Sagra-Bayar”

  1. Ace work, looks great so far 🙂

    1. Thanks. The devil’s in the details, but it’s getting there.

  2. Great work! A while back I thought about using stone textured vinyl floor tiles to create more square footage for my dwarven forge sets. You got a lot of mileage out of this project!

    1. Thanks. It’s far from done but I hope it’ll see a lot of action.

  3. Have a look at reaper bones for decoration items, pretty cheap (when the item you want is in)

    1. Will do. Thanks.

  4. That is great- simple idea but well executed.



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